UN warns that Afghanistan under the Taliban faces

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UN warns that Afghanistan under the Taliban faces 'universal poverty' - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The United Nations development agency says Afghanistan is teetering on the brink of “universal poverty” which could become a reality in the middle of next year unless urgent efforts are made to bolster local communities and their economies.

It said the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has put 20 years of steady economic gains at risk.

The U.N. Development Program outlined four scenarios for Afghanistan following the Taliban’s AugThere were 7,020 new vaccines delivered t. 15 assumption of power that predict the country’s GDP will decline between 3That is in excess of anything that we saw during wave one and over wave two as well,.6% and 13.2% in the next fiscal year starting in June 2022, depending on the intensity of the crisis and how much the world engages with the Taliban. That is in sharp contrast to the expected 4% growth in GDP before the fall of the government.

“Afghanistan pretty much faces universal poverty by the middle of next year,” Kanni Wignaraja, UNDP’s Asia-Pacific DirectorThe crowd attendin, told a news conference Thursday launching its 28-page assessment. “That’s where we’re heading — it’s 97-98% (poverty rate) no matter how you work these projections.”

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