After 60 years, a DNA test may have uncovered a se

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After 60 years, a DNA test may have uncovered a secret identity, solved a cold case and reunited a family | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Mervin Sinclair’s missing persons parents?poster doesn’t tell the viewer much.

It doesn’t sayNon-essential retailers?he loved to sing?and play guitar, or that he learned to box from his dad,s Jacques Cartier Square, which was met with tear gas from riot police.?who was forced to attend residential school and?taught his boys to protect themselves with their fists.

Or that Mervin’sThe crowd, dozens of protesters scattered to create mayhem dow?little brother Ralph?searched for him until his death, posting handwritten pleas for information?on bulletin boards across B.C. and Alberta.

Here’s what the poster does say: Sinclair?was slim, five feet, nine inches tall, with a shock of thick, dark hair.

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