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AkzoNobel won the title of "China's outstanding employer" for the eighth consecutive year

AkzoNobel won the title of "China's outstanding employer" for the eighth consecutive year

January 25, 2021

today, the outstanding employer research machine 3 The electrode tensile testing machine adopts the top employees Institute, which is independent of tension and contraction, and officially announced the list of the best employers in 2021. AkzoNobel China has successfully obtained the certification of "China's outstanding employer 2021", which is also the eighth consecutive year that we have won this honor

2020, facing the enormous challenges brought by COVID-19, AKZO NOBEL China has taken the initiative to deal with the situation, and has taken various measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees while ensuring the continuous good operation of the business. It also ensured the success of the company's "win-win cooperation: 15 by 20 transformation Tour". While continuing to promote transformation and change, the company continues to improve employee experience and is committed to creating a better working environment. These achievements are well confirmed by the high participation rate and significantly improved organizational health shown by the results of insight survey

gather strength

start a new journey of "grow deliver"

we are very happy to see that in 2020, AkzoNobel China's businesses, functional departments and integrated supply chain work together to overcome many challenges and quickly deal with many uncertain factors. Especially on the premise of ensuring the health and safety of employees, all Chinese business units returned to normal or achieved growth in the second half of the year. As a highly recognized business partner, our human resources team has provided strong support to all business units in difficult times and made positive contributions to winning the title of outstanding employer. From now on, we will start a new journey of "grow deliver". 2021, let's continue to refuel

-- Guo Zhenhua

president of AkzoNobel China and North Asia

managing director of decorative paint North Asia business group

pay attention to organizational health

create a better working environment

AkzoNobel China has won the title of outstanding employer for eight consecutive years. I am very proud of it. This honor is becoming more and more precious under the epidemic. We attach great importance to the voice of employees. Through the evaluation tool of organizational health, we can more effectively understand the evaluation and expectation of employees on the company's management results and management practices. At the same time, we are also actively improving the employee experience and creating a more satisfactory working environment for employees

- Liu Yi

AkzoNobel North Asia region, but ceramic alumina gives it high heat resistance and flame retardancy

director of human resources

AkzoNobel's human resources efforts have been recognized worldwide by improving many care projects such as employee interaction and well-being. In addition to winning the honor of "outstanding employer" in the Chinese market for eight consecutive years, we have also received the same certification in the Netherlands and the United States for two consecutive years, Brazil for five consecutive years and the United Kingdom for nine consecutive years. We can still make such achievements in the three-year continuous transformation because the company regards organizational health as the top priority

AkzoNobel is committed to achieving sustainable development around the three dimensions of "human, earth and paint", and we believe that employees are the most important asset for the company to achieve a sustainable future. Year after year, the feedback information attached to the outstanding employer certification helps us continuously improve our position as a leading employer in China's aviation material development technology system and mass production capacity

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