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Alite platform level CS Series cooperative robot is newly released

at the upcoming 2020 Shanghai Industry Expo (September 15-19), alite robot is about to release heavyweight products! This is the first appearance of CS series after more than a month of continuous attention to the 3-point zigzag experimental relay. This CS Series (Cobot superior), which is defined as a platform level cooperative robot product, embodies Elliot's understanding of the future development of cooperative robot technology and his observation of the application side needs in the field of industrial control over the years

as a cooperative robot manufacturer with 17 years of technology accumulation, elite robot's move marks the company's further improvement in cooperative robot technology and product power after focusing on the cooperative robot track in 2019. Based on the new infrastructure, the new platform level CS (cobots superior) cooperative robot is comprehensively upgraded on the hardware side, including the software including the operation interface and programming mode, as well as the teaching pendant and robot body, in order to meet different utilization needs. It shows the flexibility and openness of the new generation of cooperative robots and the latest achievements of Alite in man-machine collaborative automation technology

the two letters of the CS Series represent Elliott's future layout of cooperative robot technology. C is the abbreviation of cooperative robot, and s means: safe, simple, advanced, sustainable and scalable. These labels are not only the direction that alit continues to pursue and optimize in cooperative robot technology, but also the attributes that alit believes must be possessed after the evolution of cooperative robot category in the future. Integrating the latest technological achievements, it can speed up the development of a series of applications. The new generation of CS cooperative robot will become an important step in the future of Alite energy storage

business strategy

talking about the positioning of the new series of products, Dr. Cao Yunan, chairman and CEO of Alite robot, said: the outbreak of the collaborative robot market does not rely on a simple price war and low price strategy. In the word of cost performance recognized by users, it is easy to use rather than cheap. The application of cooperative robot not only matches with ecology (various end effectors, sensors and software), but also matches with products that are sustainable, scalable and easy to use. On the booth of the Expo, alite brought six categories of applications and 12 cooperative robot workstations, in order to provide users with valuable cooperative manipulator solutions. The birth of CS series has helped users further accelerate the transformation from technology to application. As a robot ontology manufacturer, we firmly believe that we must build the simplest, easy-to-use, open and scalable manipulator, cooperate with partners in the robot ecosystem, and make machine replacement and man-machine cooperation easier and reproducible. This is the significance of building platform level products

alite collaborative robots are used in various industrial and commercial scenarios

as a domestic robot body manufacturer, alite is also prepared for patent and intellectual property protection. Dr. Sun Kai, chief technology officer, said in an interview: the new CS Series collaborative robot is independently developed by alite, including body mechanism, servo drive, controller hardware and operating system in addition to reducer Robot command and motion control, teaching and secondary development are all independently developed by alite R & D team. It has made innovations in the aspects of safety, ease of use, expansibility, maintainability and portability that cooperative robots are good at, and has applied for a series of patents

alite CS Series cooperative robots have been comprehensively innovated from hardware to software. Four indicators are benchmarked to the international level


a number of original patented technologies are adopted to further improve the safety. The design conforms to EN ISO, EN ISO 13849 Cat3 PLD and TS/ISO 15066 standards

the wrist joints of all machine types have been optimized, Further improve the safety of human-computer cooperation

ease of use

further optimize the teaching and operation process, and improve the teaching efficiency

the brand-new robot script language based on standard Python has lower learning cost and higher degree of freedom

easy maintenance

joint design is more reasonable, and each joint can be replaced quickly in 6 to 10 minutes

brand new single motherboard control system design, reliability Better maintainability

Portland cement, ordinary portland cement GB 175 (1) 999 teaching pendant, motherboard and software of all joints and tool IO support updating


can be integrated with external controller through bus interface, with data refresh rate of 500Hz

support third parties to implement expansion package in Java language to enhance functions

support PROFINET, Ethernet IP, ModbusRTU/TCP and other bus communication

the control box has added two Ethernet interfaces and one USB 3.0 interface, which is perfectly suitable for industrial 4.0

the control box provides 24 digital outputs, 24 digital inputs, 2-way conveyor belt tracking interfaces, and increases the power supply capacity

the tool end provides more powerful power supply capacity and more interfaces

for more details, welcome to alite's booth (Hall 8.1-booth B244) at the site of 2020 Shanghai Industry Expo to experience the new CS Series cooperative robots at a close distance


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