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The aerosol industry will be in line with the world in structural adjustment

in the past 20 years, China has initially built an aerosol industrial system with complete supporting facilities. The annual output of aerosol has ranked fourth in the world, but the per capita share is only one quarter of that of the United States. Aerosol industry has huge development space in China

the current aerosol product structure in China is: insecticide 39.3%, personal products 11.3%, automotive products 12%, paint and industrial products 10.8%, household products 9.6%. Obviously, such a structure can no longer meet the needs of the market. Product adjustment will first lead to product diversification

it can be expected that while the total amount of pesticides continues to grow, its share will gradually decline. The share, output and varieties of automotive and household aerosols will increase significantly. The structure of insecticide aerosol itself will also be adjusted. Full release insecticides and special-purpose insecticides will emerge and occupy their due position

at present, the concentration of aerosol enterprises in coastal areas will gradually change, and aerosol enterprises have begun to appear in the central and western regions. LPG, dimethyl ether and other propellants have been put into operation in the central and western regions, which will promote the westward movement of aerosol enterprises

Product adjustment will also be reflected in the adjustment of formula. Formulations with low flammability and explosion and little impact on the environment will be more and more popular. Another result of product adjustment is brand characteristics. Big brands based in the competition will use characteristic caps, spray caps and anti-counterfeiting cans to personalize their products and distinguish their products from other brands

visual effect is the first factor to attract customers. Therefore, the shape and color of the can, the coordination of the shape of the can with the nozzle and the spray cover, and the matching and coordination of the overall color of the spray packaging will all become topics of common concern in the industry

a French enterprise revealed that special-shaped cans have accounted for 50% of their aluminum cans and 10% of tinplate cans. Special-shaped cans are unanimously welcomed by consumers and market merchants. As early as 1997, China has produced special-shaped cans. It is expected that soon after this new star, 40 million lunch boxes (14.6 billion lunch boxes a year) will be required for each major online ordering platform to complete the ordering volume in one day. The personalized development of spray cap and cap will be much faster than that of special-shaped tank. It will be widely used in big brands in 2004. Ye Baizhang, an electronic product packaging expert: improve the image of green and environmentally friendly packaging

the development of China's packaging industry should not only focus on economic benefits, but also consider the coordinated development with society and environment and the integration with the world packaging

at present, the EU's import quota for Chinese household appliances has been thawed, and EU countries are becoming another important market for China's household appliances export. However, EU countries have strict restrictions and regulations on wooden pallets, wooden packing boxes, EPS foamed plastics, etc. For example, the packaging of goods entering Germany needs to apply for the "green dot" sign, and the packaging of goods entering France needs to apply for the "vertical dot" sign. In particular, do not easily stick the lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium strictly restricted by the EU import standards; Polyoxydiphenyl ether, brominated biphenyl and other harmful substances, otherwise it will lose a lot because of small things; Affect exports

obviously, "green packaging" has become a pass to enter the EU market. The two decrees issued by the EU at the beginning of the year will certainly accelerate the green environmental protection process of global electronic products, which is undoubtedly a strong catalyst for China's household appliances and packaging to embark on the track of "green environmental protection". Green packaging is in line with the world green consumption trend, which is conducive to breaking through the international green trade barriers. At the same time, it will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of goods in circulation, improving the quality of packaged products and the quality and added value of goods

in China's electronic information industry, the experimental models are the imported 1fmjg (1) 25 residual film clearing machine and 1mc (7) 0 stubble harvester, which are developing at an annual growth rate of about 20%. The packaging industry of the electronic information industry should continue to implement the strategy of "sustainable development". On the basis of consolidating the software and hardware of the electronic universal experimental machine that has achieved results, the "green packaging" project should be implemented with the development and application of high-efficiency, low consumption, energy-saving and environmental friendly packaging materials as the main direction. We should focus on the packaging of exported household electrical appliances, improve the image of green packaging of products, reduce the cost of waste recycling, avoid the "green trade" barrier, research, develop and promote the application of green packaging materials and products such as honeycomb paperboard, pulp molding and plant fiber to replace wooden pallets, wooden packaging boxes and EPS foamed plastic packaging products, which will be the focus of the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry in 2004 The focus of improving the packaging level of household appliances

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