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In this era of carpooling, only with a house can we get a daughter-in-law. Many young people who want to get married put buying a house first. Their parents took out the money at the bottom of the box, and they also took out their savings from years of frugality before paying the down payment. The house problem has just been solved, and the decoration problem has come again. How to apply for Fuding decoration loan

Xiaobian learned that many people want to apply for decoration loans in Fuding. Because their credit records are blank, they have trouble applying for decoration loans. Friends who may not have a loan country do not know what a credit gap is, mainly because they have not used a credit card or handled credit transactions such as loans

many people can't understand why they don't lend money when there is no credit? Because if the borrower applies for the decoration loan without collateral, the loan institution generally requires the applicant to have a good credit record, and the credit gap cannot prove the borrower's credit in the end

how to apply for Fuding decoration loan for those with blank credit records? Then there must be a legitimate and stable source of income and good repayment ability. Provide loan institutions with corresponding income certificates, work certificates, bank records and other asset credit materials. The more complete the materials are, the more conducive it is to apply for loans

if the borrower's credit is blank, it is best to provide a certain amount of collateral before applying for Fuding decoration loan. As long as you don't have a serious bad credit record, you can apply for a decoration loan with the assessed value of the mortgage of about 60-80%. Of course, a stable source of income and meeting the basic conditions for applying for loans are still necessary

in the last method, if there is no collateral and there is a credit gap, it is better to find a small loan company other than the bank to apply for decoration loans, because the requirements of such institutions are not so strict, and personal credit will be more relaxed

credit blank how to apply for Fuding decoration loan has been explained in detail. In fact, it is also very simple to solve the problem of credit gap, that is, to have a credit relationship with the bank. For example, you can apply for student loans at the school stage, and you can apply for a credit card after you have a fixed job and stable income. With a credit card, you must consume it and repay it in time to form your own good credit record





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