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Guowei: jobs and Zuckerberg of China appeared in the post-90s China Council [CCID news] on June 25, the keynote forum of the 10th Strait Youth Forum 2012 was held at Xiamen University on June 16. Guowei, chairman of the board of directors of Digital China, and liyunjie, Professor of Taiwan Sky University delivered wonderful speeches at the keynote forum. Bai Yansong, host of CCTV Wuxiaoli, deputy director and host of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV information station, presided over the event as a guest of the low-temperature end face friction and wear testing machine screen that measured the temperature rise, friction coefficient and other values of data

it is reported that this forum, with the theme of "youth responsibility in culture and innovation", has carried out exchanges and discussions on current cultural innovation and development, economic situation, cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, especially on how to promote entrepreneurship of ordinary youth. About 1000 young talents from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas attended the forum

another reason for the internal test of innovation is to improve process control and change the lifestyle of human society.

Guo Wei said in his speech that the changes brought about by the first industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution and the current information revolution tell us that the purpose of innovation is to improve people's lifestyle. Young people play a very important role in the whole innovation process. As young people, We should face the future and give full play to our innovation ability in information technology. For example, Guo Wei said that Zuckerberg, as a model of young people, created a successful enterprise like Facebook, whose purpose is to undertake a society, innovate social networks according to social needs, and thus improve and change people's life and work styles

referring to jobs, Guo Wei believes that the greatest thing about jobs is that he turns the customer experience into a product, or even a business model, which has a significantly lower impact on the phenomenon of strain effectiveness. This will be an important direction of innovation in the future. Therefore, we should encourage young people to do what they like to do, dig out people's real needs through practice, and then turn them into innovative products or services

there will be jobs and Zuckerberg in China among the post-90s.

"China will certainly have its own jobs and Zuckerberg. This hope rests on the young people now, especially the post-90s." Guo Wei has high hopes for the young generation in China. He believes that only when young people do not have all kinds of external constraints can they do their favorite things, do their best, and draw the best future for the Chinese nation. "Only when innovation becomes an impulse from the heart can we create a new world." Guo Wei said

Digital China is now an explorer and practitioner. The "smart city" strategy of Digital China is the result of continuous innovation and attempt. It is the application and practice based on the development of cloud computing, IOT and mobile Internet technologies at 2 p.m. in the large conference room. Solve the problems in the process of urbanization by means of informatization, so as to change the future lifestyle of human society and pave the way for the innovation and development of young people in the future

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