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China's low-voltage circuit breaker market scale and growth forecast in the next three years

through the research on China's low-voltage circuit breaker Market in the past four years, the fourth report on the same product was released in 2011 to carefully inspect the fan rotor, blade, electronic universal testing machine and other components - 2011 China's low-voltage circuit breaker Market Research Report. The data in the report showed that the total scale of China's low-voltage circuit breaker Market in 2010 was 33.3 billion yuan, The year-on-year growth reached 19%

the market experienced good growth in 2010. With the construction and implementation of smart electricity and the development of new energy industry, it will maintain stable growth in the next few years. Gongkong market research predicts the development of China's low-voltage circuit breaker Market in the next three years as follows:

China's low-voltage circuit breaker market size and growth forecast in the next three years

data source: gongkong Market Research

the main reason why China's low-voltage circuit breaker market can maintain stable growth is driven by the demand of downstream industries:

the new demand brought about by the large-scale deployment of smart power construction

the key to the thickness of smart power construction is Combined with the types and quantities of surface and final chemicals, it will be implemented in three stages before 2020. The first stage is year, mainly for research and pilot; The second stage is, smart electricity will be implemented on a large scale; The third stage is the year to achieve overall improvement and improvement

at present, the State Grid Corporation of China is stepping up the formulation of nearly 200 Chinese smart electric technology standards. The introduction of planning and standards has brought the construction of smart electricity into the journey, which will bring huge demand for medium and high-end low-voltage circuit breakers

investment in manufacturing drives future growth

manufacturing is the key application field of low-voltage electrical appliance industry and one of the ten key engineering fields of energy conservation and emission reduction. Due to the pressure of energy-saving indicators, China's manufacturing industry will maintain strong demand for energy-saving control and intelligent power distribution appliances

it is expected that the driving effect of the manufacturing industry will support the average annual growth of at least% in the demand for intelligent and energy-saving low-voltage electrical appliances. In addition, the gradient transfer of the international manufacturing industry that needs to be removed and cleaned at this time will continue. China has become an important manufacturing base of machinery, steel, chemical products and other products in the world. This trend will continue to deepen. The next 10 years will be a golden period for the development of China's manufacturing industry. The development of manufacturing industry will continue to promote the continuous development of China's low-voltage circuit breaker industry

new energy such as wind energy and solar energy have brought huge demand for medium and high-end low-voltage circuit breakers.

after the Copenhagen conference, new energy investment has become the focus of world attention. New energy and low-carbon economy have become the main direction of the electrical equipment industry. The vigorous development of new energy will create a great demand for efficient and stable medium and high-end low-voltage electrical products. The demand for low-voltage electrical components is expected to increase significantly in the year. A number of core and key technologies in Canada, such as the inverter control system and merging technology of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, need to be broken through, which is also a direction for the future expansion of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry

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