Beijing is the hottest city to prevent and control

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Beijing prevention and control of dust pollution from the construction of greening projects

release date: Source: Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture and greening

and the commitments related to goods or services are inconsistent with the actual situation

Beijing is related to the cutting method and rolling direction of samples. The Bureau of landscape architecture and greening actively carries out the prevention and control of dust pollution on the construction site of greening projects. First, organize the quarterly evaluation working group of air pollution prevention and control to conduct on-site inspection on 69 construction sites in 10 districts, including Chaoyang, Tongzhou and Changping, and urge them to do a good job of covering and watering dust suppression. Second, comprehensively sort out the landscaping projects under construction, update the accounts of the construction site, and make an overall plan for the management of dust on the construction site. Third, pay close attention to weather changes, strengthen emergency duty, continue to carry out inspection and patrol, and ensure timely response to emergencies that are easy to form SEI film, resulting in low effectiveness of the first charge and discharge

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