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In the medium term of Beijing, even plastic increased its position in a large amount, and the shock rose

on July 17, even plastic opened slightly higher and went higher, and the shock rebounded. The main contract l0809 opened higher at 14500 in the morning. Driven by long buying at the beginning of the session, the futures price fluctuated upward, with a maximum of 14745 points and a minimum of 14480 points. The overall trend of shock consolidation was shown throughout the day, and the final price rose 270 points to 14725 points from yesterday's settlement price. Intraday trading was significantly more active than yesterday. 3. Check whether the lower jaw lifting limit switch and the load overload protection switch on the force measuring rod were effective. 35024 hands were increased to 68424 hands, and the position increased by 622 hands to 18236 hands. The total turnover of each contract was 72654, with a total position of 19498

in the spot market, the spot market of China plastics polyethylene did not stabilize due to yesterday's petrochemical price adjustment, and lack of confidence led to market price chaos. Traders' prices are difficult to set, and the downstream continues to wait and see. The transaction was not good, the inquiry was scarce, the LLDPE price still fell, and most markets were in danger of upside down again. The situation of good transaction was flat. The downstream mentality is poor

in the warehouse receipt market, 97 pilot demonstration projects were selected, and the main warehouse receipts of plastic warehouse receipt market LLDPE opened low and went high, and the warehouse receipt price fluctuated all the way up. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 opened slightly lower at 14450 points, with a maximum of 14670 points. The price fluctuated between the range. In the end, it closed up 172 points to 14645 points, with 352 transactions and 763 positions. The LLDPE warehouse receipts in the treasure island warehouse receipt market opened higher and went higher, surging higher. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 opened slightly higher at 14480 points in the morning at today's lowest point. After the market opened, the warehouse receipt price fluctuated upward, reaching 14680 points, and closed up 137 points to 14600 points, with 1054 transactions and 1496 positions

in the upstream market, New York crude oil futures fell for the second consecutive trading day on Wednesday, after the market was pressured by the unexpected increase in U.S. crude oil and refined oil inventory data last week. The settlement price of crude oil futures in August in New York fell sharply by $4.14 to $134.60 a barrel. In London, August Brent crude oil futures closed down $2.56 to $136.19 a barrel. In terms of ethylene, the latest close of Asian ethylene was stable, with CFR Northeast Asia reporting US dollars/ton and CFR Southeast Asia reporting US dollars/ton

the international crude oil market has fallen sharply in a row, but it is still above $134. Spot LLDPE prices are still declining, and most markets are once again in danger of upside down. The situation of good transactions is flat, and the downstream mentality is poor. From a comprehensive perspective, even plastic may continue to adjust in recent days. Pay close attention to the pricing measures of PetroChina and Sinopec

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