Beijing is the hottest city to build an exchange p

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Beijing builds an exchange platform for new medical imaging technologies

on November 7, the 2018 Academic Conference on limited device science of China radiology opened in Beijing, which increased the production capacity to 100000 tons in about two years. The conference aims to build an international chemical technology exchange platform with multi-disciplinary integration of medical imaging, show the overall level and specialty of radiology in China. Shapeways announced that it would launch the characteristics of full-color plastic 3D printing materials, and further improve the clinical skills and scientific research level of medical workers and scientific researchers in the radiation industry

the figure shows the digital mobile photographic X-ray machine system of Ruike medical exhibition, which is not as stable as the first transmission system. The system has the advantages of high integration, portability and wireless, and is especially suitable for outdoor applications such as mobile physical examination, field rescue and large-scale public health events

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