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Beijing: strictly investigate the sales of second-hand auto parts

the Beijing Industrial and commercial system has conducted a comprehensive inspection of the second-hand auto parts market since the end of September to make the plan more in line with the actual situation of the industry. Up to now, it has inspected the auto parts market 89 times and standardized the sales behavior of second-hand auto parts in the city. At present, the special inspection action is still in progress

in the special inspection, the industry and commerce department focused on the auto parts trading market and the auto parts sales gathering area, inspected the parts business entities that can convert the hardness value of second-hand auto materials into tensile strength value one by one, and urged the operators to express the second-hand auto parts sold in the market. At the same time, strictly implement various regulatory measures and strictly cooperate with each other. The use of electronic device densitometers is very useful to investigate and deal with all kinds of violations. For the behavior of operating second-hand auto parts without a license found in the inspection, the behavior of selling scrapped auto vehicles, "five assemblies", assembling vehicles, and the behavior of selling scrapped auto parts without marking "scrapped auto reuse parts" will be severely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the "measures for the investigation and treatment of unlicensed operation", "measures for the return of scrapped automobiles 3. The models of the equipment can be divided into digital display and microcomputer controlled collection and management measures" according to law

in addition, the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce also actively cooperated with the Municipal Commission of Commerce to conduct a joint inspection on 10 ELV recycling and dismantling enterprises and the second-hand car trading market, and conducted a detailed investigation on the main business qualification, the trading situation of second-hand cars, the process, source and destination of ELV recycling and dismantling and second-hand car accessories. No illegal sales of ELV recycling parts, assembly vehicles and other problems have been found

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