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Beijing carries out Digital Olympics and intelligent transportation technology services

Beijing carries out scientific and technological Olympics work in depth, carries out scientific and technological breakthroughs in the fields of "Digital Olympics" and "intelligent transportation can display test temperature", promotes the application of achievements, continuously improves the level of Olympic information services and transportation services, and improves technical support and guarantee for the Olympic construction in the following four aspects:

① build an "Olympic multilingual information service platform". In 12 languages, the Olympic call center, Spectator Service stations, information kiosks, publications, streaming media, community short message broadcasting, etc. provide the public with extended stretch space for information, and have been tried in the "good luck Beijing" test competition

② the "Chinese text display graphic system for on-site TV broadcasting of Olympic Games" makes Chinese videos appear for the first time in the Olympic Games. Through the technical development and service of the "Paralympic information system", local enterprises will be encouraged to participate in the development of the Olympic information system and enhance their independent innovation ability

③ the scientific research achievements of "research and development and industrialization of key technologies of network safety operation and management" have been applied in the improvement of the test drill of "network safety monitoring system" of the Olympic Organizing Committee

④ using intelligent transportation requires designing technology according to the proportion limit to establish a fast, efficient and safe urban transportation system. "Research on the planning and implementation of Beijing intelligent transportation (the difference between the two and the upper and lower limits of the frequency table) has achieved significant results in the field of Olympic transport vehicles, which has greatly improved the modernization level of Beijing's transport operation and management

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