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The detection effect of Beijing Miyun intelligent community is also different. The call center

a virtual nursing home can enable the elderly living at home to enjoy professional nursing care. Why isn't a company under construction directly purchasing daily care, emergency assistance and other services provided by the hospital. It is learned from Guoyuan street, Miyun County, Beijing that the intelligent community service call center established in the street has now achieved more than 4000 users, which not only covers Guoyuan street, but also provides services for the elderly in Gulou Street, Miyun town and Tanying township

my children work in the urban area. After my wife passed away, I am usually the only one at home who can use it conveniently. Thanks to the virtual nursing home, I can not only provide for the aged at home, but also enjoy various daily care services. Zhang Lianqi, an old man who lives in Xinbei Road community of Guoyuan street, said with a smile. It is understood that the virtual nursing home in Zhang Lianqi's elderly population refers to the intelligent community service call center. The call center sets up a network operation control platform. The end user is residents. As long as a pager is installed in the residents' home, when the residents have service needs, the operation control platform will display the user's name, address, children's relatives, past medical history and other relevant information as soon as they press the pager, and the staff will immediately call back the user to provide daily care, emergency assistance There are three major categories of more than 100 items of services, such as consulting, for the following reasons: service. The old man is old and can't remember the number clearly. This pager is very convenient as soon as he presses it. Zhang Lianqi said

at present, the intelligent call center can provide users with services more than 10000 times a year, and 80 assessed high-quality and standardized service providers have joined in, providing users with 108 services, including home appliance sales, home appliance repair, pipeline dredging, catering services, barber services, household services, etc., including 83 paid services and 25 free services. In order to make elderly users better understand the service items, Guoyuan Street printed a service guidance catalogue and distributed it to elderly users

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