Fault diagnosis and elimination measures of the ho

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Pump fault diagnosis and elimination measures (middle)

5) insufficient suction head when pumping hot or volatile liquids

elimination measures: increase the weight of this aircraft to only 2.3 tons suction head, consult the manufacturer

6) the immersion depth of bottom valve or inlet pipe is not enough

elimination measures: consult the manufacturer for the correct immersion depth, and use baffle to eliminate eddy current

6. Package and process performance experimental instruments (including package drop experimental instruments, package impact experimental instruments, friction and wear experimental instruments, bending experimental instruments, straightening machines, etc.); 7) Pump housing gasket damage

elimination measures: check the condition of the gasket and replace it as required

3. The pump power consumption is too large

1) the rotation direction is wrong

elimination measures: check the rotation direction

2) impeller damage

elimination measures: check the impeller and replace it as required

3) rotating parts bite

elimination measures: check whether the clearance of internal worn parts is normal

4) shaft bending

elimination measures: straighten the shaft or replace it as required

5) too high speed

elimination measures: check the winding voltage of the motor or the steam pressure transmitted to the turbine

6) the water head is lower than the rated value. Pumping too much liquid

elimination measures: consult the manufacturer. Install the throttle valve and cut the impeller

7) the liquid is heavier than the expected value

elimination measures: check the specific gravity and viscosity

8) the stuffing box is not filled correctly (the stuffing is insufficient, it is not inserted or run in correctly, and the stuffing is too tight)

elimination measures: check the stuffing and reload the stuffing box

9) bearings are therefore more durable. Incorrect lubrication or bearing wear

elimination measures: check and replace as required

10) the running clearance between wear rings is incorrect

elimination measures: check whether the clearance is correct. Replace the wear ring of the pump housing and/or impeller as required

11) the stress of the pipeline on the pump shell is too large

elimination measures: eliminate the stress and consult the manufacturer's representative. After relieving the stress, check the alignment

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