Fault causes and treatment methods of black lines

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Note: the product grade continues to improve. The failure causes and treatment methods of black lines of plastic molded products

failure causes treatment methods

plastic overheating

plastic temperature is too high, plastic temperature is reduced

glue melting speed is too fast, glue injection speed is reduced

screw and glue melting barrel are eccentric, resulting in very friction. Thermal maintenance machine

nozzle hole is too small or temperature is too high. Readjust the aperture or temperature

glue injection volume is too large. Replace small displacement measurement Test technology in the injection molding machine of tensile type, such as stratasysconnex series

there is a dead corner that overheats the plastic in the melt cartridge. Check the contact surface between the nozzle and the melt cartridge for clearance or corrosion, mainly including the phenomenon of reverse coating technology

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