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Engine fault diagnosis and maintenance

1 When I stepped on the accelerator, I found that the acceleration was not obvious, there was a lack of power, and the engine made a hysterical sound. The most likely time to occur is when the jaw clamping part is separated from the dynamic grip and the hydraulic grip, which are when the engine is hot, cold, or lack of oil. Of course, small displacement engines may also appear when they accelerate too hard. Here I will only talk about general displacement engines, such as those with a displacement of more than 1.5. The causes of such problems can be divided into air filter, spark plug, ignition wire, gasoline, gasoline filter, vaporizer, oil pump and other problems. Check whether the air filter is dirty, whether the spark plug is old and needs to be replaced, the ignition coil is broken, and the gasoline is not clean, such as there is water in the oil circuit. Also check the oil pump and carburetor

2. The engine has a hissing sound, just like steam or air coming out of the engine. Generally, after hearing this sound, the engine will quickly lose power. Possible problem. The engine is overheated. Check the cooling system. The exhaust system is blocked, the vacuum pipe leaks, or breaks

this rarely applies to molded products 3 When accelerating, the engine will make a loud noise of transmission accuracy, or when decelerating. In short, the sound size will change with the change of RPM. Possible cause: power steering oil is insufficient, fill it up. The generator bearing may be damaged. The problems of power steering pump and water pump will produce similar noises

B1.414. Very loud noise comes out of the exhaust pipe, which is very annoying. Sometimes there is a similar sound from the front. The main problem is the exhaust system. Check whether the exhaust pipe is broken

5. When the engine is replacing the speed, it makes a clatter sound, as if something is beating the metal. When accelerating or driving, you may not hear it. It may be caused by the cylinder valve. Adjusting the valve can change it. Lack of engine oil may also cause similar problems. In addition, the engine oil pressure is relatively low, so you have to check the engine oil pressure

6. When you step on the accelerator pedal, you will hear a bang, a bang coming out of the exhaust pipe. The sound may not be very loud, and the car will not be abnormal when driving, and the fuel consumption will increase. It is recommended to check whether the muffler and exhaust pipe are damaged

7. The engine has a kick sound, like the sound of a pencil hitting the table. The sound increases when the engine speed increases. Possible cause: there is dirt inside the engine. It is recommended to change the oil, filter and wash the engine. Others may be valve problems

8. There may be no problem when driving. There will be a click sound when accelerating. It is recommended to check the ignition time setting. It may be that the engine is overheated, the engine deposits carbon, and the oil is not good. It needs to add high-grade oil

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