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Introduction to the fault causes and troubleshooting methods of steel belt packer

due to the wear of parts during work, the loosening of screws and the reduction of air source pressure, the machine will have faults, so it should be eliminated in time, so that the machine can fully comply with the requirements of gb/t1843 "plastic cantilever impact Test Method" and iso180, gb/t2611, jb/t8761 standards, and work smoothly, The causes of the failure are as follows

the surface and inner surface of the film should have superior smoothness

1. Maintenance of the experimental oil source: in the pneumatic motor, cylinder body and all transmission and rotating parts, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil must be injected before each shift. In addition, the 22 # air wheel oil should be filled regularly and quantitatively in the oiler to maintain a fixed oil supply. When the pneumatic motor is working, the oil dripping from the oiler is 4060 drops/min

2. When the compressed air does not conform to 0.4 0.6MPa, it must be adjusted, otherwise, too low pressure will affect the binding quality, and too high pressure will make the machine wear too fast

3. the oiler and oil-water separator should be cleaned with kerosene every three months, and the accumulated water in the oil-water separator should be removed every day

4. the clearance between friction wheel and spacer wheel is 0 7mm, otherwise it should be adjusted, and the accumulated debris and dirt on the friction wheel should be removed in time

5. Due to the long-term wear of parts, environmental pollution and poor lubrication, faults may occur, so it is very important to find and eliminate faults in time. The static indication accuracy of the following inspection and maintenance, using general tools: 1% in the whole process without grading; If you can solve the problem and master the following technologies, you will not lose valuable time and turn to the manufacturer when you stop production or shutdown due to minor faults

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