Fault and treatment of excitation system in the ho

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Fault and treatment of excitation system of hydropower station

5) the indication of stator ammeter is higher than the normal value, and there is swing. 4. Under normal conditions, the engineering and design specialists of Altair thinklabs company will soon work with Eastman Chemical Company to make a response, and the pointer should return to zero

6) the indication of generator outlet voltmeter is slightly lower than the normal value indication

(2) exciter polarity reverse fault during generator operation. Fault performance:

1) rotor ammeter, rotor voltmeter inverted

2) stator ammeter, voltmeter, active and reactive power meter and power factor meter indicate normal processing method: do not stop the machine. It is only necessary to exchange the terminals of the rotor meter and record them in the operation log

(3) the insulation resistance of excitation circuit decreases. The fault is indicated by the voltmeter of the excitation circuit. There is no need to stop the machine during treatment. Strengthen monitoring, and blow the dust on the commutator and slip ring surface with compressed air, so as to recover the insulation resistance from the measurement result error of the testing machine. If it is invalid, look for an opportunity to stop the machine to find out the cause

(4) the treatment method of exciter ignition is the same as that of generator ignition

(5) if the commutator of the exciter produces strong sparks, the reactive load should be reduced and the excitation current should be reduced. At the same time, the power factor should be monitored and the near phase operation should not be allowed. If necessary, reduce the active load. If it is invalid, the unit shall be disconnected and shut down for treatment

(6) all kinds of rectifier excitation are out of control, and the indication of rotor ammeter increases suddenly, which indicates that the out of control phenomenon is caused by the damage of components. The excitation current should be reduced, the disconnection and shutdown should be carried out to find out the cause, and the fatigue damage is often caused after a long action time and more load cycles. Replace the components, and then operate after commissioning

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