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Google pushes cloud storage service: provide 100million GB of space for free

according to itproportal, Google officially launched cloud storage nearline on Thursday. At present, Google lags far behind Amazon AWS, Microsoft azure and other cloud platforms in the field of cloud storage. In order to compete for early customers and compete with all competitors, Google will provide 100pb of huge free storage space established by Funeng technology in 2002. 100pb is about 100million GB, which is enough for individual consumers to use for a lifetime. But for a medium-sized enterprise, it may only last a few months

cloud storage ne when the installation level of the dynamometer part of the pressure testing machine is not very stable, arline focuses on providing file, document and folder storage for all kinds of content, which is almost applicable to all companies that have completed the use of in the chemical industry

google plans to charge less than 1p per GB of storage space, which means that customers using Amazon AWS (Amazon Web services) may save more than 6000 pounds. Google's free storage plan also covers other cloud services, which means that all customers using enterprise cloud storage services may be eligible for free storage

google's move aims to vigorously promote cloud storage nearline and compete for Amazon AWS customers. AWS ranks first in both user volume and revenue, so Google is bound to have a head-on confrontation with Amazon

although most of Google's businesses are consumer oriented, the company is still trying to expand into enterprise storage, applications and security. Although some efforts have achieved results, compared with Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and HP, what are the systems of Googl electronic universal tensile machine? E is still an outsider in the enterprise field. Companies such as Microsoft have invested billions of dollars in the enterprise market

as we all know, in order to achieve long-term goals, Google and Amazon do not hesitate to sacrifice short-term revenue. Google may be willing to invest 6000 pounds per new customer, but Amazon is also expected to introduce more preferential measures to retain customers and avoid letting them go to Google

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