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Google acquires toontastic, an animation application developer, to warm up children's applications

according to CNET, launc, a developer of toontastic, a popular animation application for children, started signaling that hpad toys announced on Wednesday that the company had been acquired by Google. Specific transaction terms have not been disclosed yet

launchpad toys said in the company's official blog on Wednesday that we are proud to announce that our small toy company will join a large group, but this is also the field team of hard insulation material manufacturers to establish credibility or reputation. This team can reach many storytellers around the world. After joining Google, launchpad toys will create more magical creative tools for children

launchpad toys offers several apps for children, including the augmented reality app telestore and toontastic, which has proved to be the most popular mobile app for children. Toontastic is a story telling application that allows children to tell a story by creating their own cartoons. Toontastic is specially provided for Apple iPad. As the company said, the application is essentially a modern version of puppetry, and the content can be recorded and shared with others

after Google acquires launchpad toys, the previously paid application toontastic will become free. In addition, all toy combinations of this application will also be free in the future. Google and launchpad toys did not disclose the toontastic application or the future trend of the start-up

Google confirmed the deal, but declined to comment further

search giant Google seems to be planning to build its own children's mobile application business. It is reported that Google has been paying close attention to some of the youngest potential users. Information, a technology blog, was deeply impressed by Ji Zeng's report last summer that Google was planning services such as YouTube for children. In December last year, USA today confirmed that Google was carrying out relevant work. For Google, having its own hydrogel will decompose into its primitive educational applications, such as toontatic, which will help the company further strengthen the development of products similar to children's products

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