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On September 19, according to foreign media reports, Google added a new option to the Gmail service laboratory, allowing users to improve the quality of video chat

this new setting is called "video chat enhancement". Shandong Liangshan Real Estate Co., Ltd. only enlarges the video chat window, but also improves the resolution. The difference between the old window size and the new window size is very large. Not only the window of the person you are chatting with has expanded, but also the window of your camera displayed in the lower right corner of the screen has expanded

this picture shows the comparison between previous and current video chat windows. On the left is the old-fashioned standard video chat window in Gmail. On the right is a new and high-quality video chat window, which is very suitable for the wide screen display screen in the trial production stage of new products

when Google announced this function in its blog, it said that this enhanced version of video chat function can release valuable resources in your computer during the conversation. Google uses hardware accelerated video decoding technology to let users' computer processors perform some video chat tasks, so as to achieve the above functions. This is the same as the hardware acceleration function added by Adobe in the latest version of flash video player

Christopher Vander mey, senior product manager of Google, said that we used an H called "SVC (scalable video coding)" which usually has only a few mv 264 encoding and decoding mode. This technology does not transmit one image per frame, but multiple images. In this way, a picture is composed of four low-quality images and becomes a high-quality image. This technology can be adjusted according to the user's bandwidth to produce very beautiful images. CCID China informatization ()

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