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Goodyear tried to replace oil with soybean oil to make tires

according to the US "Wall Street" report, Goodyear Tire Rubber Co., Ltd., the largest tire manufacturer in North America, recently completed a major attempt to replace oil with soybean oil to make tires. At present, the tire has entered the trial production stage. If it is successful, it will be listed as early as 20 years, with a 6-fold increase in the industrial scope compared with 2015

the public shelf display and other links should reach the hands of consumers in good condition. The researchers of the company found that the fixing of the label should be in the correct position, flat and solid, and not inclined. The use of soybean oil can (2) the automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorber and other enterprises can extend the tire life by 10%, and at the same time, 7million gallons of oil refining oil can be saved every year. Rubber compounds made from soybean oil are actually easier to fuse with other compounds that make tires, such as silicon dioxide. Prototype tires made from soybean oil have been produced at Goodyear's Lawton plant in Oklahoma and will be tested in the coming months

Gute abnormal year is looking for different materials that can make tires to reduce costs and achieve the purpose of environmental protection. The American Soybean Association will allocate 500000 US dollars to support the project within two years

the use of soybeans is spreading rapidly throughout the automotive industry, and some enterprises have also added soybeans related materials to the manufacturing of automotive seats

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