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Google China disclosed that the mobile team in five R & D fields has been split and reorganized. In the early morning of November 19, Yang Wenluo, general manager of Google China Engineering Research, disclosed yesterday that advertising, translation, question and answer, page standardization and three types of search technologies are currently the five R & D fields of Google China R & D team. The previous mobile team has completed the separation and re integration into various product lines

Google China's five R & D areas

for at least a year, Google China's R & D team has adjusted its direction and personnel. What is its main focus now? As the top R & D director of Google China, Yang Wenluo gave the answer to this question for the first time

in terms of search, the first is the research and development of search technology for forum pages. The structure of forum pages, chains and updates is different from that of ordinary pages. This problem was first found in China, and the related technology has been promoted to the world. The second part is voice search technology. This system is increasing with the increase of users. The third part is the search of e-commerce

as the main source of revenue, advertising technology is naturally Google's research and development focus in China. In terms of Adwords, we will carry out research and development to improve the quality of search advertising in China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions. In terms of Adsense, the project studies how to help advertisers establish multimedia advertising according to the principle of "major expertise". In addition, it can be concluded that the failure may be caused by the switching solenoid valve, which is to develop tools to enable agents to better manage advertising

Google's translation technology requires the Chinese team to be responsible for packaging it and launching a better use experience. It is reported that Google will soon launch real-time voice conversation translation

Q & a technology was first developed and launched in Chinese, and has now been introduced to the global market by Google

the last key point is the standardization of pages. The background of this research is that at present, many domestic pages do not conform to the W3C specification, but are based on the IE standard. Especially in the field of mobile Internet, many browsers are based on WebKit engine. Using intelligence to access non-conforming stations will cause confusion in advertising positions

the division and reorganization of mobile R & D team

it is worth noting that in the above five areas, the mobile R & D direction that has attracted much attention has not been mentioned. Lin bin, the vice president of Google China Engineering Research Institute, who left not long ago, was once the head of mobile research and development

"mobile is a special project" adheres to green and low-carbon. Yang Wenluo said that the gross profit margin of graphite products is as high as 46.51%. Google China used to have a mobile R & D team, but later slowly found that all projects would involve the mobile field, so Google China split the original mobile R & D team and re integrated it into various product lines. "This is also a change in our thinking," said Yang Wenluo

what has changed is the recruitment of R & D personnel. It was revealed that the R & D team of Google China received more resumes and introduced more people this year than in previous years, and many people in Google headquarters and other offices also hope to work in China

at present, the pattern of research and development in China has not changed. The research and development of search and e-commerce is still in Beijing, and advertising is in Shanghai

in addition, Yang Wenluo did not give any positive answer to questions such as whether the Chinese team will participate in the development of the Chrome OS system to be released next year, and whether the Chinese version can be launched globally. Previously, Sina Technology reported that Google China team had participated in the research and development of this operating system, and the Chinese version of Chrome browser was available when it was launched. Sina Technology ()

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