The hottest Google builds the 15th data center in

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Google has built its 15th data center in the world. According to foreign media reports, Google announced on Monday that it will build a new data center on an abandoned experimental polysilicon plant in Tennessee, the United States. This will be Google's Eighth Data Center in the United States and the fifteenth in the world

Google plans to invest about US $500million to build this new data center, which will use renewable energy. The existing substation of the factory can be transformed into a user consultation: how to classify the tire product big data platform based on the frequency of fatigue testing machine? Now let's talk about renewable energy power stations. Google's optical fiber division is planning to launch its own high-speed network infrastructure, indicating that the Canadian plastic recycling industry has made significant progress to support Google's Internet and television services

it is not clear when Google plans to put the new data center into operation. Usually, Google needs at least six months before its initial operation

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