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Analysis of three development trends of furniture paint industry great market potential

in March 2011, the furniture exhibition in the Pearl River Delta region was unveiled intensively, including Dongguan international famous furniture exhibition on March 16, the 21st Dragon furniture exhibition and the 11th Asian furniture materials exhibition in Longjiang, Shunde on March 17, Guangzhou International Furniture Expo opened on March 18, Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition on March 19, and the four major furniture exhibitions competed to show their true colors in March. The furniture exhibition in March is the wind vane of the furniture industry every year. Both furniture manufacturers and dealers are looking for business opportunities in the furniture exhibition to deploy the development direction and sales goals of the whole year. Furniture paint, as an important raw material for furniture production, has also been reinstalled in major exhibitions, docking closely with furniture enterprises, showing the charm and style of furniture paint. HC paint also brought the magazine furniture paint and coating equipment into the three major furniture exhibitions in Dongguan, Shunde and Guangzhou

overview of the Pearl River Delta series furniture exhibition: each has its own characteristics

Dongguan famous furniture exhibition, which was first opened in the Pearl River Delta series furniture exhibition, has continued its high-end route, and its brand concentration has further improved compared with last year. With 11 pavilions and an exhibition area of 270000 square meters, it has attracted enterprises from nearly 20 provinces and cities in China, as well as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Malaysia and other countries, More than 80% of the well-known brands in the market and nearly 10000 overseas buyers are concentrated

Guangzhou International Furniture Expo has the largest scale and the largest number of exhibitors, with a total scale of 540000 square meters and nearly 3000 exhibitors. The exhibition is divided into two parts: civil furniture exhibition and office environment exhibition. The civil furniture exhibition is held from March 18 to 21, and the office environment exhibition is held from March 27 to 30. With the gradual recovery of furniture industry exports, the theme of "international platform to promote the future" was timely put forward at this Guangzhou Exhibition

compared with the professional orientation of Dongguan Exhibition and the export orientation of Guangzhou Exhibition, this Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition obviously pays more attention to domestic sales and non professional visitors. The Shenzhen furniture exhibition, which opened on March 19, takes "feeling the life mode of Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition" as the theme, and each exhibition hall has its own "Life Declaration". For example, the theme of the wood furniture museum is "let life breathe", the theme of the modern panel furniture museum is "make viable furniture", and the theme of the soft furniture museum is "extreme demand amplification"

the 21st "Longjia Exhibition" with high temperature resistance and the 11th Asian furniture materials exhibition are relatively small in scale, but this year's Longjia furniture exhibition still attracted 433 enterprises, including 220 exhibitors of civil furniture, covering living room, dining room, bedroom, children, outdoor and other series of furniture; There are 90 exhibitors of office furniture, including swivel chairs, office desks, office sofas, office screens, public seats, hotel furniture and other series; There are 123 furniture raw and auxiliary materials enterprises in the 11th session, including various new products such as hardware accessories, cloth art, leather, electric tools, coatings, packaging materials, etc

China's furniture industry developed well in 2010

in 2010, China's furniture industry gradually stepped out of the impact of the financial crisis, and production, sales and exports showed a rapid growth trend. According to statistics, the total output value of the furniture industry in 2010 reached 900billion, an increase of about 20% over 2009. At present, furniture manufacturing has become the fourth largest industry in the national economy after food, clothing, household appliances and furniture. As the world's largest furniture exporter, China's furniture output value not only maintained growth last year, but also the export volume of foreign sales still ranked first in the world. In 2010, China's furniture exports reached US $33.7 billion, accounting for 25% of the world's total furniture output value, and the export growth rate reached an unprecedented 30%

as the world's largest furniture producer and exporter, China's furniture market's foreign trade exports have exceeded US $25billion for several consecutive years. However, since the economic crisis in 2009 frustrated China's furniture exports, many export-oriented furniture enterprises began to turn to domestic sales to seek a breakthrough. According to the statistics of China Furniture Association, the domestic sales amount of furniture in China has maintained an increase of more than 15% for many consecutive years, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 400billion yuan. Among them, in 2010, more than 30% of civil furniture manufacturers changed from export only to domestic and foreign sales, and opened the domestic market with the help of various channels. In 2010, a large number of "overseas returnees" furniture teams that exported to domestic sales also emerged in the domestic market with the help of domestic exhibitions. At the Dongguan international famous furniture exhibition last September, there were not a few export enterprises with leading design and excellent quality

three trends in the development of furniture paint in China:

as an important raw and auxiliary material of the furniture industry, many furniture paint enterprises have appeared at major furniture exhibitions with the latest products and technologies. According to the information learned in the three furniture exhibitions, Huicong author believes that the development of furniture paint has the following trends

first, environmental protection

in the furniture exhibition, the furniture paints displayed by paint enterprises are roughly divided into three categories: PU paint, UV paint and water-based paint. At present, the concept of low-carbon environmental protection is prevalent, and the furniture industry and furniture paint industry are no exception. As an important raw and auxiliary material of furniture industry, the quality of furniture paint directly affects the low-carbon environmental protection level of furniture industry. In China's furniture industry, exported furniture accounts for a large proportion. The United States, the European Union and Japan have issued relevant regulations to restrict and prohibit the use of solvent based wood coatings, which also urges Chinese furniture enterprises to pay attention to furniture environmental protection. Although China's current policy does not clearly stipulate that solvent based coatings cannot be used, with the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of environmental protection concept, solvent based coatings will gradually be replaced by more environmentally friendly products. In the domestic furniture paint market, PU paint still accounts for the most important position, and PU paint is also making continuous progress in environmental protection technology, but as a solvent paint, it will gradually withdraw from the stage. Among domestic furniture paints, UV curing paint is the fastest growing one, which has a trend of surpassing PU. At present, domestic UV coatings can be almost solvent-free spraying, that is, 100% solid content spraying. Although the market share of water-based paint in the domestic furniture paint market is still very low, its safety and environmental protection are the development trend of furniture paint in the future. With the continuous development of technology, the market share of water-based furniture paint will be higher and higher

II. Coating effect

film products are also increasingly showing an obvious trend of "developing towards thin and functional"

in the coating booth of the Pearl River Delta series furniture exhibition, the coating effect display has become the focus of the exhibition, and the "coating barrel" is no longer the protagonist. What's more, all the breakthrough materials displayed in the booth of coating enterprises are finished furniture products with high cleanliness, high density and new cold/hot processing technology. It is understood that in order to show the coating effect of their products, some coating enterprises directly use the finished furniture products of downstream customers to display in their own paint booth. In an interview with HC, China Resources paint said that paint manufacturers should pay attention to the role of furniture paint in furniture design

III. coating integration

the products provided by coating enterprises are no longer limited to the coating itself. The most important thing for furniture manufacturers to choose coating is the effect of coating application, and the effect of coating depends not only on the quality of coating, but also on the effect of coating equipment and technology. Coating enterprises are constantly improving the speed and testing force range of the new tensile testing machine for coating product quality, and are also constantly improving the coating technology

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