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Google Instant Search can support Android and iPhone

on November 5, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Google software engineer Steve Kanefsky announced in the company's official blog on Thursday that from the same day, the vast majority of Google Android and Apple iPhone users in the United States have been able to try Google instant search service

Google announced in September this year that it has launched instant search service. With this service, users can view different search results dynamically displayed in real time without clicking the search button while entering search keywords, so as to comprehensively speed up users' search. Google said at the time that instant only supports desktop users for the time being, but will gradually support mobile platforms later this year

canifsky said on Thursday that the instant function is available to Android users running Android version 2.2 and iPhone and iPod users running iOS 4, but the service is still a beta version and the scope of service is limited to the U.S. market

the specimen under the sill rotates at a constant or variable speed with the turntable 1. Nevsky pointed out that because the screen is quite different from the PC display, users may feel that the prompt content blocks most of the screen when using the instant function. In addition, the network connection speed of each user is also different, which may lead to the phenomenon that instant cannot be used smoothly. For this reason, Google provides users with the option to turn off the instant service

full text of the blog post written by kannifsky on Thursday:

the reason why Google Instant Search is faster is that the service not only provides predictive answers, but also gives actual search results. Users can undoubtedly save a lot of time when using instant through desktop browsers. In the process of browsing the Internet, users need to press the keyboard many times, and the page loading speed is slow. In this way, if instant services are introduced into mobile devices, will it not bring greater help to users

we announced in September this year that we will introduce the instant function into mobile devices. Today, we have provided a beta version of instant to most iPhone and Android devices in the U.S. market. If you like Owens Corning: actively promote the healthy development of the glass fiber industry and hope to try this function, please use your browser to visit the Google main site and open the instant function on this page (if you can't see the corresponding prompt information, please wait a moment or refresh the page)

like the desktop instant version, when you type keywords on a mobile device, you will be able to see the predictive results given by Google. For example, if you type "Anse", you will see "Ansel Adams" and other predictive results. Article 1 it is predicted that s ⑴ HM high-performance fiber of Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. can provide high-strength mechanical properties, and the results will be automatically displayed. If you then type in other forecast results, you will see the corresponding return results. If you press the "enter" key or search button, instant will skip other predictive results and display the results corresponding to the keywords you just entered

in the development process of Google mobile instant, we hope to break through some restrictions of mobile browser and wireless network. You 1 You may notice that the speed of mobile instant has been improved because we use new Ajax and HTML5 technologies, so that it is not necessary to load new pages for each query in the process of displaying dynamic search results

mobile instant works well in 3G and Wi Fi networks. However, because the connection speed of the wireless network will fluctuate, we provide users with the option to turn off the instant function, that is, users do not have to leave the search page before they can see the options of "on" and "off"

we hope you like the mobile instant service. At present, this service is only applicable to Android running Android 2.2 (i.e. "Froyo") and iPhone and iPod devices running iOS 4. It is only valid for the U.S. market, and the supported language is English. In the next few months, we will launch mobile instant in more countries and regions, and increase the number of device types and languages supported by the service. Tencent Technology

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