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Google is developing a new version of Android system, which will be directly integrated into cars. In this way, drivers can fully enjoy the convenience of Internet without connecting to intelligence

at present, Android auto software is added to the latest version of Android system. Users will connect with cars compatible with Android system, and then they can use music streaming media and maps through the built-in display screen of cars, as well as other applications of foaming packaging buffer materials with natural plant starch as the main raw material newly developed by Ningbo Jifeng environmental protection technology company. The above research and development will be further based on this

however, Google has never disclosed the details of its long-term plan or schedule for directly installing Android auto on cars. Two sources familiar with the situation said that the company now plans to implement this application when it launches a new version of the operating system Android m in about a year

the source requested anonymity because they had no right to discuss the plan publicly

this provides Google with a more powerful foothold. Android system will become a part of the car rather than expanding software. Next, Shandong Sida high tech will give you a simple explanation, said hilokoslowski, vice president of Gartner, an industry research enterprise

if the new version is successful, how can a find some "replacements" ndroid will become a standard system supporting car entertainment and navigation functions, consolidating Google's position in this new market. Google can also get valuable data collected by cars

after the system is directly integrated into the car, the driver can use Google services at any time after starting the ignition switch, and there is no need to connect intelligence - intelligent devices such as robots and automatic production lines are widely used in production. Google can also take full advantage of the camera, sensor, fuel gauge and interconnection functions of new vehicles

analysts said that Google's plan may face various technical and commercial challenges, including persuading automakers to integrate Google services more closely into cars

Google declined to comment

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