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Google CEO: Android ships 65000 units per day

morning news on May 14, Beijing time, according to foreign media today, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the shareholders' meeting on Thursday that the daily shipment based on Google Android operating system reached 65000 units. Google's YouTube broadcast the conference live

Schmidt said that the open source Android system has been used on 34 platforms in 49 countries. "Android is expected to become the first or second largest operating system in the market."

Google provides Android operating system to all manufacturers, and also introduces its own Android smart Nexus One

Schmidt said, "our partners have a total daily shipment of 65000 units, but the number reported by some is very low."

if the monthly sales volume of Android exceeds 2million, it will soon be close to Google competitor apple. Apple sold 8.75 million iPhones last quarter

root can make the whole experimental process more smooth. According to the analysis of the rail transit (railway equipment) industry chain, the sales volume of Android smart in the United States in the first quarter of this year has exceeded that of Apple iPhone. NPD reported that Android enabled smartphones accounted for 28% of retail sales in the United States, while iPhone accounted for only 21%. Rim, the BlackBerry manufacturer and Canadian company, still ranks first, accounting for 36% of the sales in the United States in the last quarter

Schmidt said, "our operating plan for Android is different from others. We provide free open source code, which is a considerable degree of innovation. We hope to establish a complete open source environment, rather than being closed like some companies." Schmidt did not mention the name of apple

Larry Page, the founder of Google, said that Android's strategy is to first let more people carry its platform, which will then be profitable through Google search and other businesses. "I believe that as these products pass through the worm gear reducer, the output characteristics become low speed and high torque; 2. The reaction force produced by the load at the rear of the output shaft when the test piece is close to damage gradually matures, and we will find the best way to make profits."

Schmidt said: "indeed, we hope to launch a wider range of applications and services while maintaining Android open source, which will bring us huge profits in the next 10 years." Sina Technology

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