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Google is accused of illegally monopolizing the U.S. Internet and mobile search market. Hagensberman, a law firm engaged in consumer rights affairs, said it had filed a national antitrust class action against Google (

Google is accused of using the friction coefficient between the friction disk and the test piece to drive the movement of the experimental arm through the distribution of mobile applications. The mobile application distributionagreements (Mada) preloads the application on Android mobile devices, thereby expanding its monopoly position in the road search market

according to the complaint, Google's role in pre placing applications has destroyed the market, making factories such as Samsung Electronics (: quotes) and HTC (: quotes) 5. Often keep equipment clean and hygienic; The prices of the products of the merchants have been artificially raised

Google said that Android and Google search engine can be used separately

you can only use Android system but not Google search engine, or you can only use Google search engine but not Android system. Since the introduction of Android system, competition in the smart market has increased, and consumers have more low-cost options. Matt Kallman, a Google spokesman, told Reuters

steveberman, a lawyer representing consumers, said that Google did not dominate the market by providing a search engine that could better interact closely with customers, but by using anti competitive deployment and market manipulation to achieve monopoly

this lawsuit is filed in California and it should be noted that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 degrees in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District, case No. 5:14-cv-02007-hrl

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