The hottest Google android22 will be launched soon

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Google Android 2.2 is about to be launched: the built-in wi

in addition to its increasing effectiveness, full support for flash and greatly improved speed, Froyo will increase the built-in USB tethering (network sharing) to share network connections with laptops, a feature that apple and at&t have yet failed to achieve in the United States. In addition, users can turn their Android into a mobile Wi Fi hotspot. The above two functions can be seen from the screenshot of the system. However, it is uncertain whether operators will block these two functions or charge for them

for Android users, it is undoubtedly good news that the addition of two functions has become a recognized no 2 choice for customers. At the same time, for apple and other manufacturers, this will be a serious challenge for the automotive non-metallic materials laboratory specially organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology to select the above methods for verification in accordance with the relevant working procedures formulated this year. Sina Technology

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