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According to the foreign media the intercept, Google hired a large number of part-time economic workers to complete the previously controversial artificial intelligence project. The ignition source should include one or two belt type propane gas blowers and their supporting flow meters and Venturi mixers. This project was previously a cooperation project between the company and the Pentagon

these workers are employed through a crowdsourcing company called figure eight. The company pays workers $1 an hour to complete short and seemingly thoughtless tasks. Whether these people are identifying objects in captcha like images or other simple tasks, they are helping to train Google's AI. The AI is actually a part of the Ministry of defense project Maven

As one of the Pentagon projects, project Maven aims to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to distinguish people and objects in the images taken by unmanned aerial vehicles for thousands of hours. By employing these crowd sourced 1. Sampling rule casual workers, Google can use them to train the algorithm and teach the algorithm how to distinguish human targets from surrounding objects

according to the intercept, these workers do not know who they are working for or what they are doing

last June, Google said that it had decided not to renew its contract with the Ministry of defense. More than 3000 employees of the company jointly petitioned against the company's participation in the Ministry of Defense's project Maven program. It is reported that the existing contract will end in March 2019

figure eight is one of the largest platforms for employing casual workers. On the company's website, figure EI is a relatively advanced hydraulic universal experimental machine ght said that the platform "combines large-scale artificial intelligence with cutting-edge models to create the highest quality training data for customers' machine learning projects." Through our company, we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory and point out that by cooperating with these casual workers, Google can develop its own AI quickly and cheaply

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