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Analysis of the strong current system in the electrical design of student apartments (2)

3.4 power consumption management

in the new student apartment, the electricity meter of each dormitory is centrally arranged on both sides of the public management room or corridor outside the room according to the floor, and the public management room is arranged in the load center with equal distance between each power load as far as possible. Each dormitory is equipped with terminal distribution boxes, which not only facilitates the management needs of equipment maintenance personnel, It can also reduce the interaction between dormitories, improve the reliability of electricity, and reduce the voltage loss in transmission

electricity metering can use IC card watt hour meter for electricity management. This metering method is that students first charge a certain amount of money into the card in advance, and then consume it. In this way, the problem of electricity collection can be solved to some extent, so as to prevent students from maliciously arresting electricity and causing management contradictions, but the disadvantage is that it is unable to realize the control and management of electricity capacity and limited time power supply

in addition, the remote electricity meter management system can also be used. This system manages the power consumption through the computer system centralized in the management system. It can charge the most power consumption, send an alarm to the unpaid users, and cut off the power supply to a dormitory when necessary, but the system has the disadvantages of relatively high investment and the largest wiring

with the continuous development of science and technology, a new type of electric energy intelligent centralized management system was applied. The management system provides an integrated solution for power consumption management. The system integrates the functions of shunt metering, charge management, load management and application process management. It is a replacement product of traditional electric energy meters, and has obvious advantages compared with traditional electric energy meters: first, the cost of a single household is low; Second, function centralization and enhancement; Third, it is convenient for network management. In terms of wiring, only one control line is needed to connect all the management cabinets on each floor to the host in the management room, which comprehensively improves the modernization level of power management in student apartments. At present, market king has appeared several intelligent power control and management systems specially designed for the power distribution from xincuifu to the apartment. For example, the jinlongka intelligent centralized electric energy measurement and management system developed by a company in Wuhan uses mature single-chip computer technology and adopts the design of full electronics and the separation of strong and weak electricity. It has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, accurate measurement and high reliability, With only one electricity meter, the electricity consumption of multiple users can be detected in the most real-time and centralized way, and displayed in the window circularly. In addition, the computer can be used to monitor the electricity consumption of each user at any time, and the electricity consumption and the amount of electricity charges can be calculated at one time, so as to realize the centralized electricity metering management and make the management scientific, systematic and digital. Effectively prevent theft, electricity leakage and other illegal use and damage

4 electrical safety

4.1 power supply safety

according to the code for fire protection design of buildings, infection can change the local biological environment at the public corridors, emergency exits and evacuation stairs of student dormitories, set emergency lighting and evacuation sign lamps, and supply power according to the secondary load. The continuous power supply time of standby power supply for fire emergency lighting fixtures and light evacuation indicator signs shall not be less than 30 minutes

in the electrical design of buildings, according to the requirements for power supply reliability and the degree of political and economic loss or impact caused by power interruption, the electrical equipment should be divided into class I load, class II load and class III load, and the requirements for power supply should be determined according to different load levels. According to the provisions of the code for electrical design of civil buildings with guide plates on both sides of two limits (JGJ/tl6-92), the emergency lighting and evacuation indicator lights in the unit or multi-storey corridor type student apartments are determined as class II loads. Considering that class III loads have no special requirements for power supply, single power supply is adopted for the unit and multi-storey corridor type student apartments, However, the lamps with nickel cadmium batteries can be used for emergency lighting and evacuation indicator lights, or the emergency power EPS can be used for centralized power supply, so as to improve the reliability of emergency lighting power supply. For high-rise student apartments, in addition to the provisions in the code for electrical design of civil buildings, we should also consider its building scale

and importance. The fire elevators, fire pumps, sprinkler pumps, smoke control fans, domestic pumps, fire control rooms, weak current machine room power supply, public lighting, emergency lighting, etc. of a class of high-rise buildings should be determined as class I loads, using two power supplies, To ensure that when one power supply fails, the other power supply will not be damaged at the same time; For the secondary load in the high-rise student apartment, about the type selection: for the type selection of the equipment, the power supply system should ensure that the power supply will not be interrupted (or can be recovered quickly after the power supply is interrupted) in case of transformer failure or common line failure, so the two-circuit power supply is generally used

4.2 lightning protection and grounding

the lightning protection design of buildings should determine the lightning protection measures according to the local geological, geomorphic, meteorological, environmental and other conditions and the law of lightning activity, as well as the characteristics of buildings, so as to achieve safety, reliability, advanced technology, economy and rationality. Lightning protection device is the sum of lightning arrester, lightning arrester, downlead and grounding device. It is necessary to protect buildings from lightning damage, and there should be different measures and lightning protection equipment to prevent direct lightning, inductive lightning and lightning intrusion wave. Student apartments generally belong to three types of lightning protection buildings. To prevent direct lightning, we must try to spread the direct lightning to the ground quickly. We should install lightning strip on the roof as the lightning arrester, and use two main reinforcements larger than 16mm in the structural column as the downlead. The upper part is welded with the lightning arrester, and the lower part is welded with the reinforcement in the foundation beam and pile foundation; The defense of induction lightning is the most effective protective measure for buildings. The foundation ground beam in the building and the reinforcement in the pile foundation are welded and connected with each other as the foundation grounding body for reliable grounding

In addition, in recent years, with the continuous development of China's communication industry and the emergence of intelligent student apartments, the lightning protection of information systems has become more and more important. China has specially increased the lightning protection of information systems in the 2000 edition of gb50057-1994. Therefore, the lightning protection and grounding of weak current system should be fully considered in the design. In terms of power supply, overvoltage surge protection devices are required for the main power supply, floor power supply and machine room power supply. Considering shielding, the lightning arrester against direct lightning strike adopts natural components such as reinforcement of reinforced concrete, metal pipes, protective grounding system of power distribution, etc. to form a common grounding system with lightning protection devices, and equipotential terminal box is set in the weak current machine room. Copper bar or wire is led out from the equipotential terminal box of the weak current machine room as the grounding trunk line, and is led to the weak current equipment shaft grounding terminal strip of each floor along the weak wire trough

in the low-voltage distribution system, electric shock casualties occur from time to time. Therefore, the technical measures for safety protection must be strengthened. Among the three lines of defense against electric shock obtained according to IEC standards, the second line of defense is to select the appropriate gear for reliable grounding. Grounding is the technical measures taken to ensure personal safety and equipment safety. "Ground" refers to zero potential, and the so-called grounding is to connect with the earth of zero potential. TN-S or TN-C-S system grounding is commonly known as grounding in China. Zero is connected to the neutral point. Student apartments generally adopt TN-C-S grounding mode, and the power zero line is repeatedly grounded when entering the house, and the total equipotential connection is carried out. Repeated grounding at the power incoming line can reduce the harm caused by the disconnection of pen line (or PE line). The total equipotential bonding terminal board connects pen (or PE) line, repeated grounding body, metal sheath of incoming cable, water, heating and other metal pipes and metal structures entering the apartment at the power incoming line, and connects with the grounding system through the total equipotential bonding terminal box, so as to reduce the potential difference of different metal parts in the building, And it can eliminate the harm of dangerous voltage introduced by various metal pipelines and various electrical lines outside the white building, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire, explosion, electric shock and other accidents

5 Conclusion

at present, the new campus of Jinling University of science and technology Jiangning has been basically completed, and the old campus of shogunate has started a new round of planning and construction. Based on some experience in the construction of student apartments in Jiangning campus, this paper makes a preliminary discussion and Research on the electrical (strong current system) design of student apartments, hoping to play a certain reference role in the construction of student apartments in Shogunate campus

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