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Multinational coating giants talk about China's coating market

"our products account for 40% of the market in northern Europe. Why does China, whose population is more than 50 times that of northern Europe, account for less than 1%?" After reflection, Willy Jason, general manager of Frege coating company in Sweden, combined with the transformation and development of our city and the extension of the industrial chain, "The failure to implement a more localized marketing strategy in China in time should be the main reason for this situation.

he said that the Chinese market has its own unique laws and characteristics, and international brands also need to operate in accordance with the reality of the Chinese market. In the face of a large market with a population of more than 1 billion, even multinational enterprises and international brands should change their strategies and tap Chinese traditional culture, otherwise they can only look at it Watch others make money

"the paint market environment in China is totally different from that in Europe, which we have only recently realized," said Willie Jason. For example, fule makes it into reagent cabinet, which accounts for 40% of the market in northern Europe, but has never put an advertisement. In northern Europe, it is incredible for coatings to be advertised as a professional product. Therefore, when our general agent in China proposed to advertise in China, it was rejected by us several times. We didn't expect that Chinese consumers rely so much on advertising when choosing coatings

he said that in Europe, coating, as a professional product, is generally selected by professional construction personnel and depends on the indicators. For example, turn off the power supply of oil pump first and then the power supply of equipment. It is almost unthinkable and not allowed to sell coatings by "drinking" and "smelling" coatings in the Chinese market. In addition, since the selection of coatings should be the responsibility of professionals, the marketing activities are also carried out around these personnel. In China, the purchase objects of coatings are ordinary consumers and decoration construction personnel, accounting for half respectively. In terms of consumer psychology, European consumers are more rational. They prefer brands and indicators, while Chinese consumers prefer brands and advertising. This is not only the market differences of different countries, but also the reality we must face

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