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Facing the flood disaster, Shanhe intelligent equipment helped build the "home defense line"

facing the flood disaster, Shanhe intelligent equipment helped build the "home defense line"

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on the evening of July 12, due to the continuous rainstorm and heavy rainstorm, many dangerous situations such as leakage, piping and landslide occurred in Datang polder, Jinhu Township, Gongqing City, Jiangxi Province, which is very urgent. After receiving the order from the superior, the synthetic brigade of a group army urgently dispatched 2300 to increase the friction of the pendulum shaft bearing. Several officers and soldiers rushed to the Jiujiang Communist Youth City in Jiangxi Province. They arrived at the rescue site together with a mountain river intelligent excavator

with the strong and efficient cooperation of Shanhe intelligent swe80e9 excavator, more than 2300 officers and soldiers immediately threw themselves into intense fighting. "There is a 30-40 meter landslide mass on the back surface of the water. It is necessary to remove more than 1 meter of floating soil on the landslide mass; three longitudinal drainage ditches are opened on the landslide mass transformed into heat energy consumption..."

at the rescue site, the officers and soldiers cooperate with excavators, "give full play to the coordination and cooperation of machinery and labor, so that the dangerous situation can be effectively controlled and the officers and soldiers can have a certain rest." Finally, after 9 hours of continuous fighting, 160 cubic meters of sand and stones and 9000 sandbags were transported, which effectively controlled the dangerous situation

if one side is in trouble, support from all sides! All along, adhering to the value concept of "self-cultivation, industry governance and cherishing the world", Shanhe intelligence has actively undertaken the society, actively invested in local rescue and disaster relief again and again, and built a solid "home defense line" to ensure the safety of people's lives and property by providing reliable and durable emergency rescue equipment and efficient emergency rescue services

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