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From "Besieged City" 2010 paint industry development three guns compose legend

from "Besieged City" 2010 paint industry development three guns compose legend

February 22, 2010

[China paint information] at this forum on December 9, the heads of several major paint enterprises analyzed the overall trend of the enterprise in 2009 respectively. In the dialogue, the word "tight in the front and loose in the back" was repeatedly mentioned

let's witness whether the three gun shooting case can write a legend in 2010

the first shot: the trend of 09 is tight before and loose after. Enterprises pay close attention to the renovation of small households in 2010 or now make a good start

I believe many friends have seen the film 2012, which was released in November. The film starts with an abnormal solar activity. With the repeated detection of scientists and the ground fissures that occur from time to time in various places, people's nerves are gradually stretched to the prediction of the destruction of the earth. With the series of strange events that happened when the protagonist took his children to Yellowstone Park for the weekend, as well as the frequent eruptions of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, the only ark that can escape the disaster has limited capacity, which has triggered an unprecedented panic of mankind. It can be said that the extreme time before the impact is the darkest moment of the whole film, and everyone holds their breath for the unknown future. Fortunately, in the end, the ark withstood the impact. When everything was calm and drove in a vast ocean, the ark opened, and people stepped onto the platform to meet the new round of sun coming from darkness. If this disaster film that human beings broke free from the crisis wrote the wonderful prophecy of Maya, the twists and turns and suspense of the coating industry in 2009 also held people's breath

at the Forum on December 9, the heads of several major coating enterprises analyzed the overall trend of the enterprise in 2009. In the dialogue, the word "tight in the front and loose in the back" was repeatedly mentioned. Shi Bingfeng, general manager of China Resources paint Shanghai, pointed out that during the first period of 2009, the market was generally depressed, and the impact of the general environment on ordinary consumers was obvious. The resulting panic and the reduction of consumption power were a heavy blow to the coating industry. But fortunately, after June, the market gradually began to go up. Gong Xiaoliang, the public relations and intellectual property manager of Dulux, also said that in early 2009, the atmosphere of the whole coating industry was very tense. Everyone almost didn't dare to speak out and didn't take any big measures. They were wondering whether it would be very sad this year. However, due to the lag effect of the household industry, the impact of the crisis did not make the coating industry depressed for too long. With the recovery of the property market in the middle of the year, many large coating enterprises basically achieved the performance indicators set at the beginning of the year by the end of the year

it can be seen that the adverse situation of reducing upstream and downstream demand and reducing production caused by the financial crisis at the end of last year really made the coating industry experience a very difficult period. Although the whole coating industry did not make special measures in 2009, the coating enterprises still turned crisis into opportunity and stepped on the right track under the influence of the recovery of the real estate market, the hot renovation market and the general environment. So how do enterprises view 2010? Shi Bingfeng said that due to the obvious economic recovery and the full recovery of the real estate market in the country's second tier cities, enterprises maintain a cautious and optimistic attitude towards next year's city (3) adjustable buffer valve in which the steel ball and ball seat are not close to each other. Dufang, oulong and other enterprises have also said that they are full of hope for the coating market next year, so try to expand the scope of product use, so that small houses and renovated houses can be included, which is also the direction that enterprises need to vigorously explore

in the dialogue, Feng shunyao, Deputy Sales Director of aoruikai paint, mentioned that since the successful merger and acquisition of aoruikai and oulong paint, the enterprise has formed four paint brands with different styles and suitable for different customers, which is very beneficial for the enterprise to expand marketing channels and market share in 2010. Aoruikai has indeed started to expand canals in the countryside since this year. At present, it focuses on East China and central China in 2010. Its marketing line has been pushed below the county and even to the town. For areas that have not been to the town, the county will be taken as the primary agent of the enterprise and flat management will be adopted. Dufang, which has always focused on high-end, unexpectedly set up many offices and marketing points in 2009, hoping to make a breakthrough in other channels. Compared with the expansion of these enterprises from the first and second lines to the third and fourth lines, China Resources Coatings did the opposite. Shi Bingfeng, general manager of Shanghai, said that in 2008, China Resources had entered China's rural market, and the force measurement method of the bearing unit connected with the fixture was also very good. However, the first tier cities are still relatively weak. Therefore, next year, we will learn more from the experience of successful cities in China to explore the first tier cities

obviously, due to the influence of the general environment and the increasing competition, the coating industry has gradually changed from simply responding to the sales competition required by channel providers to seizing more terminal markets and laying out more terminal sales networks. Whether the city is surrounded by the countryside or the city breaks through the countryside, the "siege effect" of the coating industry will be more obvious

while looking forward to this development process, we will also pay more attention to how these coating enterprises adapt to local consumption habits, quickly respond to the market, reduce logistics and production costs, and enhance brand competitiveness

expectation of canal expansion War: ★★★★

the third shot: innovative marketing in the entertainment era 2010 paint industry dominated by environmental protection, supplemented by fashion

in the Taiwan idol drama love contract, the hero a Ken once said: I fell in love with a girl named Xiaofeng. She was fierce to everyone, but I can see her heart, fragile and soft... We painted the house, painted the sun, painted the Shanghai gull and painted the sea, Just like the future life we outlined. Perhaps it is under the influence of European and American TV, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and other idol dramas that more and more young people have a strong interest in doing wall painting by themselves. They think it is a very romantic and loving thing. Obviously, this is a development space that can not be ignored for coating enterprises, and some forward-looking international coating enterprises have also launched coating products suitable for consumers to paint their own walls. For example, aoruikai coating officially launched the original imported Lanwei interior wall coating in August and September this year. Because in foreign countries, many family interior walls are DIY, so this coating itself is in line with this feature

however, the person in charge of the enterprise also pointed out that due to the delay of marketing time, the impact of the product itself on the market has not reached the expected effect of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise will focus on building this product in 2010. So from the original people's inherent thinking, let the home decoration company paint the wall or be responsible by the coating enterprise. Obviously, the coating products suitable for their own DIY must have a different promotion mode. Especially when consumption enters an era known as "national entertainment", it is urgent to combine the coating industry with the fashion industry in order to attract a new generation of consumer groups and the eyes of young people after the 1980s. Of course, in addition to the combination with fashion, environmental protection is still the most concerned thing for consumers to choose coatings. Especially in Copenhagen, the world climate conference has attracted global environmental protection attention. In addition, if consumers want to truly realize their DIY Wall, the environmental protection of coatings is more important

at the Forum on December 9, many enterprises attending also talked about the operation of Dulux in the combination of coating and fashion in the topic discussion of marketing innovation: as a brand of Akzo Nobel, Dulux gives people a sense of color experts and industry leaders in addition to advertising and publicity. After the promotion of new products through television advertising and other media, its brand flagship stores will also change accordingly. For example, last year, Dulux used the disc formed by large cans with many colors as the decoration of the flagship store, so that young consumers who love visual enjoyment can feel a plane impact and three-dimensional bombing when entering the store. In addition, although the way of celebrity endorsement in the coating industry in 2009 is traditional, it is also a concrete embodiment of the combination of the coating industry and fashion in order to attract attention

what steps will the coating industry take in joining hands with fashion in 2010? From the information we have at present, whether it is the combination with TV entertainment programs, or starting to set up a color R & D team and rehearse some popular trends, it has been quietly carried out in some coating enterprises. So in view of the influence of the male and female protagonists of the idol drama painting the house of love mentioned above, will the coating enterprises spend some ingenuity and attract people's attention in this regard? Will paint brands like European series be combined with other products of the same series, such as sports cars, cabinet electricity and even clothing, for horizontal or vertical diversified promotion? We'll see

expectation of diversified joint development: ★★★★★

of course, in addition, the popularity of network influence and soft clothing make home design pay more attention to the opinions of hostesses, which will also put forward different needs for the development of the coating industry next year. Therefore, how to find the right position in the network promotion and marketing and how to better reflect the product differentiation and characteristics will also become a very important aspect to determine the development of the coating industry in 2010

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