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Comments on "China Shengze silk chemical fiber index" last week (August 6 ~ August 10, 2012)

according to the monitoring and analysis of the data fed back by 350 price units, China Shengze silk chemical fiber index rose this week. Among them, the total chemical fiber index closed at 97.06 points, up slightly by 0.04 points compared with last weekend; The price index of chemical fiber fabrics mainly fluctuated in the range this week, with a slight decline as a whole, down 0.03 points compared with the same period last week and closing at 97.05 points; However, the chemical fiber index rose strongly, closing at 96.72 points, up 0.25 points compared with last weekend. At the same time, the price index of cocoon and silk products this week also continued its rising trend for the sixth week, closing at 101.51 points, up 0.05 points compared with the previous weekend

from the product trend chart of the chemical fiber price index, we can see that the chemical fiber fabric index is in an upward trend as a whole, but the fabric index is slightly weak, mainly because the recent fabric market has improved slightly compared with the previous period, but still has not been greatly improved. There is a slight increase in the delivery of some small orders. At present, there is still a large stock of grey fabric in the market. In terms of raw materials, driven by the strong trend of raw material costs in the upstream and the continuous replenishment of raw materials by the downstream weaving manufacturers, the raw material market is in a situation of simultaneous increase in volume and price this week. In addition, the silk market has also maintained a good upward momentum with the support of booming domestic sales

this week, the chemical fiber fabric price index mainly fluctuated in the range, with a slight decline overall, closing at 97.05 points, down 0.03 points compared with the same period last week. At present, the whole Shengze fabric market is better than that in the previous off-season. The fabric sales in autumn are gradually heating up, but the market has just warmed up. In the short term, the market is mainly based on proofing and trial orders, lacking large order transactions, which is difficult to alleviate the high grey fabric inventory of weaving manufacturers. In terms of product price, although the price of polyester raw materials has increased significantly recently, the price of downstream fabrics is difficult to keep up, especially for some conventional flour and lining products. Due to the large market inventory, manufacturers dare not adjust their quotations at will; There are only some marketable products whose prices can be appropriately raised. In terms of startup rate, although the recent market situation has warmed up, it is a drop in the bucket compared with the current market. Weaving manufacturers are more cautious about improving startup rate. At present, the startup rate of water-jet looms and air-jet looms in Shengze area remains between 50% and 60%

from the recent product sales in Shengze lining Market, at present, due to the strength of the upstream raw material market, which has brought cost support to the fabric market, some suppliers have strong intention to increase. For example, the quotation of polyester taffeta has increased slightly. For example, the quotation of 230t polyester taffeta in the market is about 1.95 yuan/m, an increase of about 0.05 yuan/m compared with the previous period; In addition, due to strong demand for Nylon Oxford cloth, good inquiry atmosphere and strong market price, some fabric manufacturers increased their quotation by 0.10 yuan/meter; The polyester nylon peach skin cashmere market is also popular, and the price is stable. However, the goods delivery in the plain spring Asian textile and plain peach skin cashmere markets is still relatively slow, the sales performance is weak, and the inventory pressure is large. Therefore, some fabric manufacturers have slightly reduced their quotations, boosting the complex process of manual calculation in the city. However, Nisi textile's overall delivery performance was mediocre. Some manufacturers with high inventory pressure reduced their quotations by 0.05 yuan/M ~ 0.10 yuan/m. the downstream wait-and-see mood was strong, and the trading volume was difficult to rise; Taslon series was generally popular, and the downstream inquiry atmosphere was flat compared with the previous period

in terms of specific hot selling products, the recent trend of home textile fabrics in the market is relatively strong, the market sentiment is better than that in the early stage, and the purchase enthusiasm is high. For example, the sales of the brushed full elastic peach skin velvet and Chunya textile series began to be active, the short plush trading volume of knitted warp knitted fabrics increased, and the nylon polyester textile also changed the weak trend in the early stage. It has a good trend in the market, and the price has risen slightly, especially the jacquard nylon polyester textile attracts the market with its smooth feel and personalized patterns. In addition, there is a four side elastic nylon fabric on the market. The fabric is made of nylon and spandex and is woven on the water jet loom with plain weave. The fabric has the characteristics of good elasticity, full of sag, good shape retention and smooth hand feeling. It can be used to make casual wear, suits, sportswear, etc. the upper body of ready-made clothes is purchased more in the market except Weihai development fiber. In addition, the luggage fabric is still going smoothly in the market, among which the full elastic and shiny Oxford cloth is the best seller, and the price is stable. The price of Huayao fabric is strong, and it has started to sell in the market. In particular, Shuang spray Huayao has been shipped frequently recently, and buyers have been asking for goods

in terms of chemical fiber raw materials, the chemical fiber index rose strongly this week, closing at 96.72 points, up 0.25 points compared with the previous weekend. From the upstream raw material market, crude oil futures in New York rose 4.9% last weekend, triggering another round of price rise in the polyester industry chain over the weekend. In this week, the international crude oil rally still exists; As of Thursday, the futures price of light crude oil for September delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed at US $93.36 per barrel, up US $2.6 per barrel in a week, or 2.84%. The price focus of PTA spot market rose again this week, mainly driven by the sharp rise of MEG and the soaring oil price; On the whole, as of this Friday, the mainstream negotiation prices in the PTA internal market were concentrated around 8050 yuan/ton ~ 8100 yuan/ton, an increase of 350 yuan/ton compared with last week; The price of the external market also rose further. Among them, the mainstream negotiation prices in the Taiwan, China cargo market were concentrated at $1025 to $1030 per ton, an increase of $30 per ton compared with last week

from the market trend of chemical fiber raw materials, the market trend of polyester filament this week showed a trend of rising first and then stabilizing. Due to the high international oil price, the upstream raw material market is still at a high level, and the polyester factory is willing to increase the price; In addition, the continuous smooth development of production and sales has also led to a sharp decline in inventory and continuous price increases from manufacturers. On Wednesday, affected by the typhoon, most polyester factories suspended delivery, the transaction stalled, and the quotation remained stable; After that, the heat of the polyester market dropped significantly, the production and sales fell sharply, and the manufacturer's quotation also rose sporadically. The polyester market sold well as a whole this week, and the factory inventory continued to fall. At present, the average inventory of polyester factories fell back to about 12 days, including about 22 days for DTY, 7-10 days for FDY and about one week for POY. Specifically, the FDY Market has been rising all the way this week. The price of FDY silk has increased from 300 yuan/ton to 500 yuan/ton. The acceptance quotation of mainstream manufacturers fdy50d/24f in June this weekend was 14000 yuan/ton. The market price of DTY also went up all the way this week, with an increase of between 300 yuan/ton and 500 yuan/ton. The acceptance quotation of dty150d/144f, a major manufacturer, in June this weekend was 13300 yuan/ton. In addition, under the influence of low inventory, the trend of POY this week followed the general rise of the market. The increase of market product prices was concentrated at about 300 yuan/ton ~ 400 yuan/ton. The cash quotation of poy150d/144f, a major manufacturer, was 11600 yuan/ton this weekend

this week, the price index of cocoon and silk products also continued to rise, closing at 101.51 points, up 0.05 points compared with last weekend. The bad situation was exhausted, and the cocoon silk rose. At present, the summer cocoons in the main production areas of Guangdong and Guangxi have been listed one after another, and the main production areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sichuan have also been listed from early June to this spring. Only a small amount of summer cocoons are cultivated, which can be ignored; With a large number of cocoons and raw silk pouring into the market, the negative market trend has been exhausted

on the other hand, despite the European debt crisis, the world economy is in a downturn and it is difficult to make a change in this year, and the prospect of silk export is still not optimistic; However, this summer, domestic silk sales were booming, forming a small climax, which was higher than that of the same period last year. Domestic silk consumption increased, and shipments of elastic satin, georgette and other varieties increased; It is reported that the sales of silk quilt home textiles increased by more than 20% year-on-year, and the silk consumption increased significantly, offsetting the negative impact of the reduction of export orders. Baichang wire is in the strong trend of ring stiffness mainly used for cement pipes ≥ 10kn/㎡. Silk clothing stores are busy with business and the market is promising. It is expected that this domestic sales momentum can be maintained until the end of August, and the silk index will continue to rise slightly

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