Pioneer company successfully developed a new type

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Pioneer successfully developed a new type of chromium polishing machine

recently, the "gp-350a" developed by pioneer fine grinding materials company of Shijiazhuang high tech Zone × Model 1400 chrome polisher "came out and passed the new product appraisal organized by Hebei Science and technology department. "Gp-350a × Model 0 chrome polisher with complete file operation function "is a special equipment for polishing the chrome plated surface of plate roller, flower tube, roller and shaft, which is researched and designed according to the needs of China's current color printing industry.". The product adopts imported touch Shun and frequency converter, and selects high intelligent automatic program-controlled parameters. The key figure 2 is that some utilization technologies with improved emission performance are the first in China

relevant experts believe that this high-precision product is a new generation of electromechanical integration high-tech product in China's light industrial machinery industry. Its overall technology has reached the international advanced level of similar products. Its grinding efficiency, grinding accuracy and other performance indicators have reached or are superior to similar foreign equipment, and can replace similar imported products. Compared with foreign similar products, this product is easy to operate, low cost, and can save 1/3 of the working time and power consumption

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