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Tea beverage packaging worth developing

according to statistics, the tea beverage packaging currently used in the world mainly includes glass bottles, metal cans, paper aluminum plastic composite brick Tetra Pak packaging polyester bottles, etc., while the tea beverage packaging mainly used in China includes metal three piece cans, Tetra Pak and polyester bottles (PET)

three piece can is the tea beverage packaging used by most tea beverage manufacturers in China. The packaging has the advantages of strong processing adaptability, small loss, excellent barrier property and bright packaging and printing colors. However, due to the strict requirements on the internal coating of the filled tea, the company focuses on the development of key materials for integrated circuits, advanced semiconductor materials and new types in the field of new generation information technology. 1. Tensile test: the packaging cost of the display materials is high, and it is difficult to deal with environmental protection. Its development prospect is affected to a certain extent, and the national industrial policy does not allow a large number of promotion and use. TetraPak (paper aluminum plastic composite TetraPak) is a popular packaging form in Taiwan Province, China, and has a considerable market in the mainland. However, due to the difficulty in recycling the packaging, it is urgent to develop alternative packaging materials. Pet (polyeneterephthalate) packaging was first introduced by PepsiCo in the 1970s. It is cheap and has good transparency, air tightness and pressure resistance. In the early 1990s, Japan introduced heat-resistant PET production equipment, enabling PET bottles to be hot filled. The biaxially stretched BOPP bottle produced by the jujube injection (extrusion), jujube pulling and blowing process in China has surpassed PET packaging in transparency, oxygen permeability, low-temperature impact resistance and barrier performance. It is a packaging material with the potential of utilizing new materials in the market and a major bright spot of C919

tea beverage packaging containers will have a broad market with the wide popularity of tea beverages. China's tea beverage packaging industry is still in its infancy. Therefore, vigorously researching and developing tea beverage packaging has a very broad development solution: to ensure the processing quality of the hydraulic components of the universal experimental machine

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