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LCDTV overall power solution leads the trend of high efficiency and energy saving

liquid crystal display (LCD) panels have risen from the early 1990s, and the main application products have expanded from notebook computers in the early stage to desktop computer screens in the second half of the 1990s. Especially after 2002, they have begun to develop towards TV applications. LCD TV has quickly entered more and more families with its advantages of advanced technical performance, beautiful and fashionable appearance, low radiation, stable work and high reliability. It is a livelihood product closely related to life and is favored by most consumers

lcd TV development accelerates, power management IC faces new challenges

from the perspective of the international market, since 2 strategic emerging industry related standards; 3. Relevant standards for urban energy infrastructure. Since 2002, LCD TV shipments have soared. The sales volume of LCD TV took off from 2005 to 2007. According to statistics, the global LCD TV shipment in 2005 was about 28.5 million units, compared with more than 48 million units in 2006. The shipment volume was about double that in 2005. It is expected that the global LCV TV delivery volume will rise to 69 million units in 2007, an increase of 42.3% over 2006

lcd TV has also shown a strong growth momentum in China. According to IMS report, the sales volume of LCD TV in China's domestic market reached 1.87 million units in 2005. With the promotion of digital TV technology, it is expected that by 2010, the sales volume of LCD TV in China's domestic market will increase to 21million units, with an annual compound growth rate of 61.3%

at present, China has become a global production base of LCD related products. The rapid development of LCD TV market has driven the demand for LCD TV power management chips to grow significantly. With the development of LCD TV, power management IC is also facing higher technical requirements. As the international situation of environmental protection and energy conservation becomes increasingly clear, countries around the world have begun to implement increasingly stringent power saving requirements for standby power consumption and efficiency of household appliances and consumer electronic products. New international power consumption standards and technical standards, such as the "Energy Star" of the United States, the "Blue Angel standard" of Germany, and the relevant standards formulated by the China Certification Center for winning bids (CECP), It has become a consensus in the world to begin to implement efficient energy conservation and environmental protection

figure 1: (a) ac/dc part of LCD TV power supply solution block diagram designed by ambol

(b) CCFL backlight part of LCD TV power supply solution block diagram designed by ambol

however, the current technological situation in China is far from satisfactory. Taking color TV sets as an example, the test survey shows that the average standby power consumption of Chinese TV sets is 8.07w, which is far greater than the 1W standby power specified by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Therefore, the design of LCD TV power supply with high efficiency and low cost becomes more and more important. For power supply manufacturers, their power product design and production will face a new challenge

"green engine" technology covers ac/dc and CCFL backlight control

with the development of LCD TV, the new international power consumption standards put forward higher requirements for power management. Faced with such opportunities and challenges, Ambow has developed a CCFL control chip with independent intellectual property rights, high performance and low power consumption, and a supporting ac/dc green power management chip, providing a full set of green power solutions for LCD TV

generally, in order to meet the fixture requirements of material testing, the power management system of LCD TV is composed of three parts: power converter, inverter (backlight power supply) and signal processing system, while the patented technology of onbo covers two main parts: power converter and inverter (backlight power supply). With its technical advantages in the field of high-end power management, Orbotech electronics seized the opportunity of comprehensive technical upgrading of LCD TV power IC, and made technical breakthroughs in three aspects: ac/dc power management chip, CCFL inverter control chip and PFC power factor correction control chip, combining advanced chip design technology with deep system technology application to realize high-end power management of LCD TV

ac/dc power management IC: Embraer has developed a series of high-end power management chips and system solutions with independent intellectual property greenengine technology to realize the built-in power supply of large-size LCD TVs, reaching the industry-leading level in terms of energy efficiency

in terms of CCFL inverter control chip, most of the power supply power of large-size LCD TV is consumed by the backlight. The technology with completely independent intellectual property rights is adopted in the CCFL inverter control chip of ambol, which greatly improves the performance of the whole inverter system. It can improve the conversion efficiency, prolong the service life of the lamp, improve the safety of the system, reduce the cost, and improve the dynamic range of the high brightness control of the lamp. The self-adaptive ZVS technology of independent innovation effectively improves the efficiency of the system; The "intermittent working mode" technology with independent intellectual property rights greatly improves the dynamic range of dimming of the system; The independently innovative feedforward compensation technology greatly improves the output current constancy of the system in the full voltage range, and fully meets the application of high-end CCFL backlight

the overall power supply solution of ambol LCD TV perfectly demonstrates the "green engine" technology

at present, the domestic large-size LCD TV multi lamp backlight driving technology and scheme are not yet mature. In the field of LCD TV power supply, whether it is module system or internal drive control chip, its core technology has been mastered over the years in the hands of enterprises in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, And most of them have patent protection restrictions. Therefore, manufacturers of complete machines in Chinese Mainland all rely on imported power management solutions. The CCFL backlight driving power IC used by local LCD TV manufacturers mainly comes from overseas manufacturers

however, the low-cost operation and high-efficiency logistics brought by localization highlight the advantages of onbo electronics. The more critical market collaboration is to further improve the modified plastics. Although overseas manufacturers have strong technical strength and mature market share in the CCFL backlight driver, most of them only provide products driven by CCFL backlight, and there is no ac/dc power management chip in LCD TV power management. Customers must find another ac/dc supplier. Ambol electronics is close to the market. Its products include not only CCFL backlight driver chips, but also ac/dc power management chips, providing LCD TV overall power solutions

the ac/dc part of the overall power supply solution of ambol adopts PFC and PWM chipsets, which can greatly simplify the design circuit of the power supply system and reduce the cost of external parts; CCFL backlight covers push-pull, half bridge, full bridge and power tube integrated series, which can provide customers with a full range of power solutions

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