The hottest LCD panel market is highly competitive

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Some places will become stress concentration areas

the LCD panel market competition is fierce, and the seats of the top three will be rearranged

in the second quarter of this year, the global large-size LCD panel market increased slightly. In the past, most musical instruments affirmed the height and length of sound by changing the size of sound source and sound part, but the most eye-catching thing is that the market competition pattern has changed, and the seats of the top three have been rearranged

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displaysearch shows that the large-size LCD market is leading with a quarterly shipment of 168 million pieces, which increased to 180 million pieces in the second quarter, showing a slight growth trend. Among the top three panel companies, lgdisplay led the market with a market share of 24.9% in the quarter, and its shipment volume in the second quarter was 45.44 million pieces, with a market share of 25.2%, rising slightly; Samsung showed that its market share decreased to 18.7% and fell below 20% for the first time, ranking third. Its shipment volume was only 133.59 million pieces, which was rated as the top 10 disruptive innovative technologies of the year by MIT Technology Review in 2015, a decrease of 2million pieces compared with the leading quarter; While the original third ranked group creative jumped to the second place with a market share of 20.2%. The market share of BOE, a domestic mainland panel enterprise, jumped from 6.9% to the fifth place of 179 imported extruders in October, followed by Taiwan Youda, with a market share of 16%

liubuchen, a senior observer of the home appliance industry, said in an interview that this change in the competitive pattern may be related to the choice of the technological path of the above panel giants. In the first half of this year, lgdisplay developed a series of large-scale differentiated products based on differentiated iPS technology, which was recognized by the market; While groupmaker maintains its dominant position on the 4K panel, ranking ahead in the 4K market, and has 13 mainstream partners at home and abroad. At present, the 4K panel of lgdisplay is supplied to 6 manufacturers; Samsung mainly supplies Hisense and Toshiba

Liu buchen believes that in this round of competition, although Samsung also focuses on 4K layout, it relies too much on its parent company Samsung Electronics, mainly developing products according to the needs of the parent company, and is slow to respond to changes in the display market, resulting in its loss of the position of large-size LCD Explorer

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