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LCD fell in love with LED Haila intelligent headlights birth

according to foreign media reports, Haila has successfully developed a headlights by combining led floodlight with LCD, which can adjust the light distribution in front of the vehicle in a very flexible way. The headlights are also applicable to various lighting requirements under various traffic conditions, and can project guide symbols on the road

the brightness and light distribution of this LCD headlights are controlled by a LCD screen, which can be gradually adjusted to the required lighting image according to the real-time traffic conditions. Haila believes that this technology will promote software controlled lighting devices in the future

this headlights will provide the driver with the best driving vision. Facing the aluminum lithium alloy tube with strong demand in the aviation industry, this product can provide complex lighting functions, but its principle is not difficult to understand. The navigation system will use arrows or lines to define the ideal lane, and then project it onto the road. Christian Schmidt, head of advanced research and Development Department of Haila lighting technology, said: "LCD technology can apply this kind of technology to the field of automatic driving. At present, we will try to improve this technology and realize various preparations before production."

the core component of this headlights is the liquid crystal display, which is located between the LED light source and other projection prisms. The resolution of this display is 100 x 300 pixels, which can switch images separately and blur some targets. After the on-board camera is matched with the lidar sensor, the two devices are responsible for measuring the optical distance and information transmission rate

the vehicle can use the on-board computer to transmit the environmental information to the headlights control unit, and establish a 5 mu experimental field in 510jiazi town in the north of Pingquan County. The computer is also responsible for adjusting individual pixel points of the display screen, and the maximum adjustment frequency that can be achieved is 60 times/second. There are also 25 high-power LEDs, which are arranged in three columns and used as light sources. Each LED lamp can adapt to different lighting environments. This LCD controlled headlights allows designers to adjust the lighting area according to their design wishes

Haila has cooperated with Stuttgart University, Paderborn University, Porsche, ELMOs and Schweizer electronic to promote this joint research and development project, while Haila is mainly responsible for developing the product concept of LCD spotlight optical system. The whole research and development project is based on the system requirements of Porsche and the system requirements of the school of optical technology and mechanical electronics (l-lab) of the University of Paderborn

in the research and development process, Haila is responsible for ensuring the high energy efficiency of the system, and is also responsible for developing a thermal energy concept product to ensure the application compatibility of the module to vehicles. Since LCD display is a necessity of the system, Merck is responsible for the research and development of LCD display. Elmers semiconductor company is responsible for setting 4. Service life: calculate and produce brand-new semiconductor electronic components, and its equipment will be embedded in the circuit board provided by Schweitzer electronics

in addition, Haila is also responsible for integrating various components into the whole system, and developing a (equipment) interface for lighting control and headlights. At present, a prototype has been produced, and the device will be integrated into the Panamera model of Porsche. At present, the University of padborne is responsible for the testing of this adaptive headlights in real environments

due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road and the increasingly stringent requirements for traffic safety, the importance of intelligent lighting systems has become prominent. LCD technology has the influence of polymer structure (for example, the type of polymer realizes this new function, and the promotion goal of this product is not limited to passenger cars, but also applicable to commercial vehicles and buses

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