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Taiwan LCD TV panel from Japanese orders to Taiwan manufacturers brought about market recovery

Electronic Times reported on Tuesday that at present, Taiwan's LCD TV panel manufacturers are looking forward to the market recovery brought by Japan's diversion of orders for various types of experimental machines in the experimental machine industry to Taiwan manufacturers in the second half of 2011

the report said that the yen exchange rate rose to the highest level since World War II after the tsunami and earthquake in March, forcing Japanese LCD panel manufacturers to shift orders to different products driven by cost savings. Customers are welcome to call Taiwan for advice

linfenhui, senior analyst and project manager of the electronic age, said that the upcoming National Day holiday will also trigger a new wave of LCD labor costs and TV shopping

Lin also predicted that the monthly shipment volume of LCD TV panel market will usher in a growth rate of 15.6%, compared with the same period in 2010

in the fourth quarter, which is usually the peak season of the electronic consumer market, Taiwan's LCD will consider developing new products only when these are ineffective. The shipment of visual panels will increase by 25.6% compared with the previous quarter, with a total of about 17.2 million units

in addition, she said that Sony and sharp accounted for about 70% of the orders transferred from Japan to Taiwan in 2011, while sharp is likely to exceed 20%

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