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Nanning 110 new system for receiving and handling police alarms can locate intelligent recognition of foreign language dialects

alarm automatic locking position intelligent recognition of foreign language dialects

new command center of Nanning Public Security Bureau

automatic location of incoming calls, intelligent recognition of foreign languages and dialects, system intelligence and unique performance can remind thieves to come. Nanning Public Security Bureau has invested more than 50 million yuan to upgrade and build a set of headquarters, combat headquarters A new public security command center integrating the Staff Department. What exactly does the new command center look like? On the 27th, the launching ceremony of the new generation of police reception and handling system of Nanning Public Security Bureau was held, unveiling the mystery for the citizens

highlight 1: get the location of the alarm person in real time, which can assist in identifying foreign languages

it is understood that the 110 command center has about 7000 daily connections, including more than 4000 effective alarms. When answering the police, people often encounter the situation that they can't tell the road name clearly or say the wrong road name. For police officers, they must often turn over the map to strengthen their internal skills. Therefore, they are called live map

after the new alarm receiving and handling system is enabled, the alarm positioning function is realized. After the alarm call, the system can obtain the location of the alarm person in real time, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of alarm location and is conducive to accurate police dispatch. In addition, the new system also adds intelligent speech recognition function, which can assist in the recognition of foreign languages, dialects, etc., and provide convenience for foreign friends and local dialect speakers to alarm

case: at about 16:30 on January 11 this year, the command center received an alarm that a case of injury occurred in Xinwu vegetable market. According to the alarm information, the command center sent the police to Xinwu vegetable market in Jiangnan District for disposal, but the location of the incident and relevant parties mentioned by the alarm person were not found. After reconfirmation, the police found and controlled the suspect near the intersection of Sulu 1st Road, Anji Avenue, XIXIANGTANG district at 17:25. The failure to identify the location of the incident at the first time will affect the follow-up police disposal, which will become a thing of the past

highlight 2: Command coordination is more efficient, and cross regional rounding up is faster.

enter the new public security command center. On the high-definition large screen of more than 100 square meters, information such as on duty information, police force analysis, major activities, public opinion attention, police situation of the day, street patrol police force and so on is at a glance. The commander can switch between various functions to easily realize command and scheduling, etc

according to the introduction, the new public security command center relies on a graphic visual command and scheduling system. Through Rockwell hardness experiment, three kinds of indenters are used to access various police resources, so as to comprehensively grasp the front-line police force, police equipment, patrol control lines and other situations of the city's public security organs. It can not only be mastered in real time, but also be warned and handled in real time, so as to realize the seamless connection of intelligence, command and action

case: at 1:42 on November 18 this year, the command center received an instruction from the Public Security Department of the autonomous region to inform that a yellow car with GUI e license plate was carrying a serious fugitive Guo mouhua, who was driving towards Nanning on G75 Lanhai expressway. Through the area grid function, the command center dispatches the road police force of the traffic police detachment, Liangqing branch and Qingxiu branch, adds the pressure stabilizing spring stiffness in the valve at the intersection of Nanning South toll station of Expressway and Boyi intersection of Pingle Avenue, and presets the checkpoint interception at the intersection of Nama entrance of expressway, and detects and controls the whereabouts of suspected vehicles in real time through video sky and checkpoint probes

at 2:33 a.m. that day, after locking the suspected vehicle and predicting its driving trajectory, the command center accurately dispatched the armed patrol group of Wuxiang police station of Liangqing branch to successfully intercept and control the suspect at the Boyi intersection of Pingle Avenue

highlight 3: big data early warning research and judgment, more accurate attack and prevention

Nanning public security bureau uses big data modeling and analysis to explore a set of working mode of police situation analysis, research and judgment, video tracking and comparison, early warning and prevention

since the trial operation of the new public security command center, the new generation of 110 police reception and handling system has intelligently pushed early warning information, giving full play to the role of rapid response and precise guidance in Nanning police's fierce fight against crimes, effectively combating the arrogance of all kinds of crimes, and the police situation in the city has decreased significantly. Among them, the theft of electric bicycles has decreased by 37.43% year-on-year since August this year

cases: since May this year, the values measured by Nanhu Public Security Bureau have been inaccurate, and several cases of theft of electric bicycles have occurred in the jurisdiction. During the analysis of the theft of electric bicycles, the command center found that the theft of electric bicycles occurred many times in the subway entrance section along Minzu Avenue and between 1 and 2 a.m. During the investigation, the police found that the suspect's modus operandi was extremely hidden, and most of the time of committing the crime was concentrated in the late midnight. Every time the crime was committed, there was a division of labor from stepping on the spot to releasing the wind, stealing and selling stolen goods. After success, they immediately dispersed and fled to some small streets and alleys. The command center included the gang members into the research and early warning system to carry out tracking

from August 5 to 7, the video system of the command center automatically pushed the attention prompt, indicating the area where the gang members appeared in the video monitoring, so the relevant situation was immediately pushed to Nanhu branch with early warning information. The police of Nanhu branch followed the line and successively arrested 12 suspects of stealing electric bicycles in a bar in Liangqing district and a rental house in XiXiangTang, successfully killing the theft gang

police appeal: don't hinder the access to life and property rescue

it is understood that between January 1 and October 31 this year, non emergency and non police police police cases accounted for 51.18% of the alarm help and messages received by the 110 alarm service desk, such as noise complaints, price disputes, labor disputes, etc., accounting for a large number of 110 alarm resources. Wei Yiqiang, deputy director of the command center of Nanning Public Security Bureau, said that at present, the small program alarm is still under development and improvement. In the future, it may reduce the burden of 110. At the same time, the police called on citizens to call the relevant functional departments directly in case of non emergency disputes, so as to give this valuable channel for life and property rescue and let it help people in real need

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