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Nanle "bio based plastics" rewrites the pattern of the plastic industry

it was learned on February 11 that Henan airport group and Nanle county "joined hands" a few days ago to reach an agreement on the promotion and use of degradable plastic products. In the future, biodegradable plastic films, garbage bags, lunch boxes, etc. produced by the bio based materials industry in Nanle county will fully enter the cargo packaging, flight catering, hotel services and other links of the airport group

the cooperation on "bio based plastics" is not an example. Henan Longdu Tianren biomaterials Co., Ltd., located in Nanle County, sends more than 50 tons of biodegradable plastic bags to Beijing every month, becoming the outer packaging in the hands of meituan takeout customers

promoting the formation of green development mode and green lifestyle through the guidance of consumers is the innovative answer of Nanle county to the treatment of "white pollution". Since the comprehensive promotion and use of biodegradable plastic products in the county, Nanle has made the local biodegradable plastic products famous nationwide and become a new benchmark in the industry

"the development of biodegradable plastics will provide solutions for the treatment of 'white pollution'." Liu Bing, Secretary of Nanle county Party committee, believes that the promotion and use of degradable plastic products is of great significance, which is not only conducive to the treatment of environmental pollution, but also promotes the development of strategic emerging materials industry

traditional "petroleum based plastics" are extremely difficult to degrade and are the "culprit" of "white pollution"; "Bio based plastics" are different. They can degrade into common natural forms such as carbon dioxide and water within six months

there are two National Bio based material industry clusters in China, and the wrong interface may damage the equipment; One is in Nanle. The "map" of the bio based materials industry in Nanle has basically formed, and the 15 enterprises that have settled in have shown the cluster effect: corn and corn straw are transformed into industrial raw materials such as L-lactic acid and polylactic acid, and then transformed into biodegradable plastic bags, agricultural films, clothing and other "Bio based plastics" products

the national development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Nanle county government have jointly established a research and Development Center for bio based materials. "Nanle's promotion action provides samples of different use scenarios, which makes the terminal products' intimate contact with the market, forcing the industry to further upgrade." Dr. Mao bin, head of the R & D center, said that consumer needs reflected in product promotion, such as marking the upper limit of load-bearing and high temperature resistance, have become the latest product features of "bio based plastics" through the joint efforts of scientific research institutions and enterprises

however, the high price of "bio based plastics" has always been an unavoidable problem. "If the price of biodegradable plastic bags made of bio based materials is close to that of ordinary plastic bags, we are confident of success in the market even without the promotion of administrative power." Mao Bin said that reducing costs is the key. "Five years ago, the price of bio based plastic bags in Nanle was five times that of today. By expanding scale and innovating technology, we believe that the 'price dilemma' can be overcome."

relying on large-scale production, technological innovation and other factors to drive prices down and open up the market, there are also many successful examples in Nanle bio based materials Industrial Cluster: China's first industrialized "straw based lactic acid" project has been launched here to reduce industrial costs from the source; The world's first polylactic acid copolymerization production project was successfully tested in Nanle, breaking the foreign technological monopoly...

cut in by specific industries and applications, and win the market with innovation. The bio based rice seedling tray of Henan Qingyuan Tianren biotechnology company is a "hot commodity" in the market. Shi Yan, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said that their technology solved the problem that ordinary seedling raising plates are highly destructive to machine transplanted rice roots, and was praised by the China Rice Research Institute as "the revolution of machine transplanted rice technology"

catch the era express of green development, "bio based plastics" have sprung up in Nanle: Huale technology, Shanghai Xijiang and other enterprises have recently taken root and become a new force for industrial development; Puyang Jiele bio based industry cultivation fund was established to find new ways to solve the bottleneck of industrial financing... According to the plan, the total output value of Nanle bio based material industry cluster will exceed 10billion yuan within five years

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