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Nanjing Xuansheng "brick carton packaging machine" entered South America

the Sino foreign joint venture Nanjing Xuansheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., which is good at opening up the international market with its technical advantages, recently selected the maximum range in the range jump and succeeded again:

at the beginning of 2005, Mr. sanchezp, chairman of Ecuador PACA company, visited China in person and made a comprehensive investigation on the purchase of sterile brick carton packaging machine and supporting food production line made in China In contrast, he finally signed a contract with Mr. Zhu Ying, chairman of Nanjing Xuansheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

this hard won contract not only fills the gap in the development process of China's sterile brick packaging machine from imitation to independent renovation, but also opens the prelude for China's food processing production line to enter the international market and perform on the same stage with international advanced equipment

source of information: (2) because the experimental machine is used all year round in China's food industry

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