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Nanlin expert panned out "gold" from papermaking waste liquid, which can bring plants back to life.

the interface on the universal experimental machine controller is the corresponding index one by one: "If you spray some dried strawberries on it, you can not only 'bring the dead back to life', but also increase production by more than 10%. If your skin is accidentally burned and scalded, as long as you smear a little on the affected part, it will soon recover without any scars. If you take some orally for patients with gastric ulcer, it will soon be no different from ordinary people." The day before yesterday, I heard an incredible news from the science and Technology Department of Nanjing Forestry University

in order to verify the authenticity of this matter, we interviewed Professor Hong Jianguo, Dean of the school of chemical engineering of the University, Gao, director of the office of a company in Nanjing who purchased this technology, and Dr. Jia Xiaobin, researcher of Jiangsu Academy of traditional Chinese medicine

the old professor speculates that "black liquor" contains active substances

record: what is the mysterious substance introduced by the science and technology department

Hong: its scientific name is ASL. It is a mixture extracted from pulping and papermaking wastewater, commonly known as "black liquor". It has biological activity and can promote cell division and growth and plant photosynthesis, so it is also called a new type of plant growth regulator

remember: How did you know that ASL was contained in black liquor at first

Hong: This was speculated by wangpeiqing, an old professor who just passed away last year. The black liquor mentioned here refers specifically to the wastewater produced by the paper mill using rice and wheat straw as the raw material for papermaking

remember: how is it refined

Hong: first evaporate the black liquor to a solid, then process it through several chemical reactions, and finally process a small crystalline ASL. At this time, the whole volume is only 1/3 of the solid, but after industrialization, the crystal is made into powder

remember: it is said that ASL is very good for plant growth. Is there any specific experimental data

Hong: we have tried it on more than 400000 mu of land in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces. In terms of the two most important crops, wheat and rice, after using ASL, the yield increase rate per mu is basically about 10%. Not only for crops, but also for all kinds of melons, fruits, vegetables, lawns and trees. For example, for fast drying strawberries, from single 1 continuous extrusion of thermoplastic film to the production of honeycomb structure, as long as you spray some on it, it can not only "bring the dead back to life", but also increase production by more than 10%

remember: has this technology been industrialized later

Hong: two years ago, Nanjing lumanyuan Technology Co., Ltd. bought ASL's plant growth regulator technology for 600000 yuan. Now the company has been put into production and sales

pharmaceutical experts question the efficacy and safety of ASL

remember: I heard that ASL can cure diseases

Hong: it is inferred from principle that this active substance not only has effect on plants, but also can act on animals and human bodies. It was with this idea that someone in the old research group tried to wipe a little after being accidentally scalded, and the fruit was good in a day or so. Later, a colleague in the school suffered from gastric ulcer. He wanted to go to some products. After taking them orally for a period of time, he recovered as before

note: however, when a new drug comes out, it is definitely not easy to change the sensor, linear guide (anti torsion) and frame of the experimental machine. It needs repeated demonstration and clinical experiments

Hong: Yes, to be a drug, ASL still needs to go through several strict hurdles. Scholars in Nanlin also have no experience in this. At present, they are cooperating with pharmaceutical experts in another university to develop the pharmaceutical value of ASL

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