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BASF's first localized production of the top ten chemical projects in Nanjing started on April 27, the commencement ceremony of the key projects of Nanjing chemical industry upgrading was held in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, usually at the discontinuities or shortcomings of the data. The 10 key projects started this time were all key construction projects of new industrialization in our city, with a total investment of 10billion yuan. Buss, Germany, can carry 5 tons of stolen goods in 2 hours. The project invested by buss is also among them

the key projects under centralized construction this time include four industrial upgrading projects, three new generation ABS materials projects of chemical industry, and three fine chemicals projects, with the monomer investment scale of more than 200million yuan. Among them, four foreign-funded projects are new chemical materials and high-end fine chemical projects. For example, the world-class water treatment agent and paper chemicals project invested by BASF company of Germany is the first localized production of international chemical giants in China; The precision gas project, which is invested by Germany Linde company, a leading industrial enterprise in the world, with an investment of 24million euros, will provide high-purity industrial gas for enterprises in the park

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