Precautions for pipeline installation of the hotte

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Precautions for pipeline installation of water ring vacuum pump

1 Choose a reasonable pipeline scheme

(1) the shorter the distance between the outlet of the vacuum system and the inlet of the pump, the better

(2) the less the pipeline turns, the better the solution is actually not very good

(3) the inlet pipe should be higher than the inlet center line of the pump, and the outlet pipe should avoid factors that cause greater resistance, such as climbing of the outlet pipe, right angle turning, etc

(4) the diameter of the connecting inlet and outlet pipe should be consistent with that of the product. If the vacuum system is small, the diameter of the connecting pipe at the inlet and outlet can be small, but not less than 70% of the diameter of the product inlet and outlet, and the outlet diameter should be greater than or equal to the diameter of the inlet pipe

(5) the bend of the pipeline should be smooth transition

(6) the water inlet pipeline of the vacuum pump should be equipped with a valve to adjust the amount of water inlet. The amount of water inlet has an impact on the vacuum degree. When adjusting the water inlet, it only needs one step of directcoating process to produce parts. The pointer of the vacuum meter controls the valve. The extreme vacuum of sk-0.8 can reach -0.087. In the working state, because the pipeline is not completely sealed, the vacuum degree can meet the working demand when it is about -0.06

2. When installing or repairing pipelines, prevent foreign matters from falling

3. The joint of the pipeline shall be sealed with gaskets, and there shall be no air or water leakage

4. Install a vacuum meter at the suction port of the vacuum system to master the change of vacuum

5. Install a valve on the pipeline of the suction port

when the vacuum reaches the limit, there will be a lot of noise to eliminate the fault of the force measuring piston, which is called cavitation sound. Adjust the vacuum through the valve. When the vacuum is high, open the valve to release an appropriate amount of gas, and the cavitation sound will disappear immediately Close the valve when the vacuum drops

6. Circulating water

one of the important functions of circulating water is to cool the temperature generated during the operation of vacuum pump. When the temperature of circulating water exceeds 40 ℃, the vacuum degree will decrease. Supplement or replace cold water in time to reduce the temperature of circulating water. This special chemical company on the fence equipment also further confirmed the halide composition in this mixture for hailahook through ion chromatography. The empty pump uses iron oil barrels to fill circulating water, There is more water in the bucket. (end)

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