Precautions for periodic quantitative lubrication

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Precautions for regular quantitative lubrication of tower crane

the lubricating oil should be stored in a clean container, and attention should be paid not to let dust, dirt and water enter the lubricating oil. Lubricate regularly and quantitatively

insufficient lubrication has little effect; Excessive lubrication not only causes waste, but also may have a negative effect. For example, rolling speed up production capacity reorganization and integration. Symptoms of excessive lubricating oil in moving bearings: after the task piston rises, the bearing will heat up. When injecting grease through the oil cup, strive to be the pioneer of innovation driven development. When butter overflows at the mouth of the oil cup, it indicates that the amount of grease injected has exceeded the saturation amount

the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer can be measured by the oil dipstick, or the oil level height can be observed from the oil pointer hole to judge the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer. Generally, it shall not exceed the gear shaft. After the reducer operates for a certain time, the original lubricating oil in the reducer should be drained and replaced with new lubricating oil. The reducer has the greatest impact on the pillar industries and major equipment of the national economy. The automatic control system, main field instruments and key precision testing instruments represent the industry level. There are cocks at the bottom of the lower box. After opening the cocks, the old lubricating oil will be discharged from the oil drain hole. The replaced old lubricating oil should be stored in another container for centralized treatment

the grades of lubricating oil and grease shall not be mixed. When thin lubricating oil with low viscosity should be used, it is not allowed to use lubricating oil with high viscosity instead. On the contrary, when thick lubricating oil should be used, thin lubricating oil is not allowed. Misuse of lubricating oil brand often leads to adverse consequences

in winter, the reducer should be replaced with winter gear oil; In summer, summer gear oil should be used instead. When filling or changing oil, pay attention to keep the surrounding environment clean and prevent impurities from entering the oil

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